Thursday, December 20, 2007

Introducing "Rent Our Laptops"

Rent Our Laptops
Originally uploaded by John Beagle
Today Xponex Media is announcing The one place to go for fast internet transactions on laptop rentals. There are even laptops for sale that just came back from rental. is the only place on the web that actually has prices and an estore. Your transaction is handled on the next business day if you transact over the weekend or evening. Or you can call Jessica on 800-736-8772 x221.

Check it out, new product comes and goes everyday.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Spiders Never Sleep - Understanding Google Bots

Understanding Google SpidersEver wonder how Google knows what is on your website? Ever wonder how within minutes of making a new page Google often knows what you have done and your page shows up in a Google search?

Well that is something you might wonder if you do things right with your website. If you do things wrong, such as simply make a page of duplicate content, then the Google and it’s spiders might not be so interested in your site.

To read more about how Google crawls your site follow this link to our page entitled Why Spiders Never Sleep.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Campaign Central - Technology Rentals For Election 2008

Campaign Rentals NationwideAs the election season approaches campaign managers and news agencies alike are making plans for call centers, fund raising events, exit poling, and more.

The well coordinated campaign manager or news staff will definitely be taking advantage of and their Technology Rentals for Campaigns and News Events.

A technology rental from can get the equipment your campaign or campaign event needs for a fraction of the cost of ownership and the campaign rental service always comes with local delivery and pickup, making this a perfect match for the candidate or news crew on the go.

For more on how a computer rental, laptop rental, projector rental, kiosk rental, or even a staging rental can help you out this election season visit and their page entitled Technology Rentals for National , State, and Local Campaigns.

A Campaign Rental Discussion Forum is also available at the

To read the full story of how this project got started visit the Middletown Community Website and the story on "Middletown Technology Rental Firm Markets National Elections"

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

RSS For The Win

RSS Feeds For The WinEarlier this year something took place that could drastically alter the way the business community communicates with their customer base. For the rumored sum of $100 million dollars cash Google bought a company called FeedBurner.

If this news is new to you then let's back up a bit and start at the beginning and talk briefly about a little “gadget” that has been around since 1999 called an RSS feed. Although there are several possible and acceptable meanings to this acronym the most common is Really Simple Syndication. And to put a definition to the term an RSS feed is just another way to share data on the web.

The purpose of an RSS feed is to summarize, or possibly contain the entire content, of some news or information found on the web. This is often referred to as a web feed. A web feed can be anything that gets published on the web, be it from a blog, a website, a podcast, etc. Companies can take advantage of this new way to share data in several ways:

First an RSS feed allows even the smallest of companies to have the largest of audiences if they have good content to publish on the web.

Secondly the basic RSS service is free. Other than the time and effort to write the marketing material, the potential cost savings over traditional printed marketing materials is astronomical.

Thirdly RSS information is propogated around the world almost immediately and will reside on the web in perpetuity. These RSS feeds once distributed can also bring increased traffic to your website.

Finally as a reader of RSS feeds a company can stay on top of current market or technology trends. This could give the RSS user an edge over a competitor who might chose to wait for their market news from the slower but more traditional media outlets.

Many readers will not realize how far this technology has already come so here are a few things you should know:

An RSS reader now comes standard with all new copies of Windows Vista.

RSS headline animators that summarize and link to your latest stories can easily be placed on your website for no charge. These animators can display a scrolling list of recent news or articles you have posted and if clicked on can take the user directly to that source. (Click here for an example of a headline animator from a Computer Rental Blog)

Hundreds of millions of RSS feeds are indexed and distributed automatically every day by Google News.

RSS feeds can be automated with free software from FeedBurner or right from your blog on sites like

If your company has not yet started using an RSS feed there is no better time than now.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Google To Text Link Industry - Go Away

Google Slams Paid Text LinksWe could not let the week pass without a post on the biggest Google move in years. So if you have not already heard over the last two weeks Google has been scouring the net like an angel of death looking for sites with an abundance of paid links sitting on them. Once identified these unlucky sites have had their page rank reduced by as much as 3 “notches”.

These are not just link farms we are talking about but the biggest names on the internet. From financial sites, to newspapers, to Blogs, all have suffered the same fate. Once identified as being the host of paid links the die was cast and the result swift and certain.

The intent of all this appears to be that Google disapproves of the text link industry even as it exists in the most established and reputable of sites.

Some sources report Google wants all paid text links to use a nofollow command to prevent any rank from being passed to a site that is mealy trying to buy “Google Love”.

Others have alluded to a much more sinister scheme. As Google is heavy into the add business themselves this could be a move to punish those who do not use the Google service. This to me appears to be very dangerous ground for the once beloved internet giant. As it is certain that in the last week they have made more enemies than they have in the past 10 years and that combined with the hypocrisy of such a strategy could come back to haunt them.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Computer Rental – Top Level Pages Revamped

Comptuer Rental Tips

Computer Rentals are looking all the better at today as their site has received some addeded comptuer rental insights from Ian MacCosley.

The new updated computer rental pages include File Server Rentals, Laptop Rentals, Desktop Computer Rentals, Projector Rentals, Plasma Rentals and Event AV Rentals.

The theme of these updated computer rental pages came to us from an actual computer rental customer. That customer being Ian MacCosley, an IT consultant, who offered up useful computer rental tips from his rental experiences.

If you have ever been a computer rental customer and would like to have your tips featured on please contact us at

Monday, October 01, 2007

Chicago Computer Rentals - An SEO Challenge

Chicago Computer Rentals

"Chicago Computer Rentals" is a very competitive term in Google. There are several very large computer rental firms in Chicago who main domains resolve quite nicely on that Google Search. In the past we have urged our clients to attack such markets from as many angles as possible to capture as many verticals as can be captured without having to take on the big money and the big firms now in charge of the number one Chicago search spots.

That being said the word came today that our largest customer,, wants to give it a go and optimize the dozens of Chicago Computer Rental and Chicago Audio Visual Rental pages they have to go head to head with the big guys in the Chicago Computer Rentals game.

Though we have not presented a proposal yet they seam willing to devote the time and money to project. Although we still recommend a diversified strategy for your web marketing this does go to show that at times a market can be so critical that even a costly “frontal attack” on the competition may be necessary.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Phoenix Computer Rental Web Pages Complete

Phoenix Comptuer Rentals Web Deisgn by Xponex

Computer and Audio Visual Rentals in Phoenix are now completely covered for our number one client This project was a small one that we completed in about 3 days or less.

Bill Schiering, Rent A Computers Vice President of Sales, noticed some time ago that the Phoenix computer rental pages his company had done internally were lacking any content or coherent theme. Mr. Schiering then asked Xponex to “just do what you know works for our website” and 3 days later he is very pleased with the results.

To learn more how Xponex can help fix up your existing web page, even if it is a page you started yourself, visit our Xponex Web and Media Services page.

To see the work we did for this quick project or perhaps even to learn more about computer rentals in Phoenix Arizona see the following pages:

Phoenix Technology Rentals
Phoenix Laptop Rentals
Phoenix Projector Rentals
Phoenix Plasma/LCD Rentals
Phoenix Convention Center Rentals with Show News and Information

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Californication Of Computer Service

California Computer Service & RepairComputer Service Now is focusing on Computer Service and Repair in California this fall with a push to bring their nationwide service to the entire LA and Orange county area. This involves new partnerships with the and their California Computer Service affiliates as well as many new web pages under contract with to promote the new markets.

A sample of these new partnerships include a recent deal with Comtek Systems of Lynwood CA to provide exclusive support to Computer Service Now for computer service and repair in Los Angeles and Santa Monica.

New coverage areas are being negotiated daily in California. Bill Schiering of the has recently requested that Computer Service Now commit to extending their coverage and advertising for their computer service and repair to each of the 15 major cites within Los Angeles County by the end of 2007.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Xponex Signs On To Manage

Rent Our LaptopsLas Vegas – August 16, 2007 - John Beagle, CEO of CFR Inc. DBA, announced that Xponex Web and Media Services will be retained to develop the website.

The new laptop rental website will focus exclusively on the laptop rental market and will offer exclusive promotions and products designed for both the business and personal rental customers.

Unlike previous sites owned by CFR Inc. the new site will be e-store driven and an update to the e-store is being planed for the 4th quarter of 2007.

For more information on laptop rentals or to view the site progress please visit

Saturday, August 25, 2007 Computer Rental Blog: Computer Rentals for Chicago

Who does Xponex recommend for Computer Rentals in Chicago?

Xponex Web and Media Services recommends the service of a Tech Travel Agent from for computer rentals needed in Chicago. And that includes notebook rentals and laptop rentals too!

If you are going to the McCormick Place in Chicago for a conference, convention or trade show, fast, easy and low cost solution.
McCormick Place Computer & AV Rentals from

Contact a Tech Travel Agent for fast, efficient service on any product or service.
Tech Travel Agent© Convention and Trade Show Services
Here is what Tech Travel Agents are saying about Plasma Flat Screens, "Plasma Rentals look great in your Trade Show Booth" Darcy Mann

Here is more information on the Popularity of renting Plasma Flat Screens Blog: Trade Show Organizers are Renting Plasmas
Large Plasma Screen Display Rentals are very big.
Plasma Rentals up over 200% from

Do a technology audit with your personal Tech Travel Agent. If you are incharge of a corporate event, you need a Tech Travel Agent to help you with planning, budgeting, and managing technology at your next event.

Relax, call or email

Friday, August 24, 2007

Convention Rentals - Rent A Computer

Henry B. Gonzalez Comptuer and Audio Visual RentalsWe managed to squeze in two more pages this week on computer and audio visual convention center rentals. The customer is a Nationwide Computer Rental Firm and they are having us do a page for every major convention center in the country.

The new comptuer rental pages this week are for the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio and the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando Florida.

With the busy season for conventions and trade shows rentals, and of course by default computer rentals, fast approaching I don't think we could do these pages fast enough.

If you have a similar web project that needs done on a grand scale contact Xponex Web and Media Services today for a custom quote.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

San Jose - CCTV vs IP Security Cameras

San Jose - CCTV vs IP Security CamerasThis month Xponex in conjunction with Camera Security Now is focusing on Security Cameras and the California Market.

In the number two Organic Google search spot on the phrase “Los Angeles CCTV” and number four on “Los Angeles Security Cameras” we are pleased with our first attempt in the Los Angeles Security Camera arena.

With Los Angeles going so well we have now turned our attention to San Jose. We are confident that with the high tech attitude the runs through the Silicon Valley that the internet accessible Dell based GeoVision Digital Video Recorders will do quite well there.

Follow this link to read more about the recent business partnership with the Local San Jose Security Camera firm and the Nationwide CCTV Supplier

Friday, August 03, 2007

Ohio Balloon Challenge - Middletown - Balloon Video

Xponex Web and Media Services, the firm behind, is very pleased and wishes to thank everyone who contributed this year to putting out news and information on the recent 2007 MidFirst Ohio Challenge. A special thanks to John Beagle and Rumford Productions. Though the show is over for this year anyone interested in ballooning should check out this site as it is full of beautiful video and still photos from the balloon festival.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Convention and Rental News

Convention Center RentalsXponex has produced a new convention website design aimed at helping both clients in need of rental equipment, and those who are simply looking for convention facilities. A perfect example of this is the Hartford Civic Center in Connecticut. This new design provides an integration of information for those who want to setup a show at the event, and those who want to see an event.

For those that want to see an event there is helpful information on weather, gas prices, movie listings, and even an events page that lists all the shows that will be performed at the Hartford Civic Center. For those who want to setup an event, there is tons of information on rental equipment needed to run the show.

Gas Prices In Live Time

Xponex is always looking for ways to help their clients design useful websites. One new technique gaining in popularity is the use of a "gas gadget". A gas gadget is a bit of code that sits on a webpage and then in live time it displays the current price of gas at stations within a predetermined area.

A simple example of this can be found on the Middletown Ohio Gas Price page.For more information on gadgets contact Xponex Web and Media Services.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Advertise on

Awsome values in advertising on the Middletown, Ohio News Magazine.

If you want to reach the Middletown, Ohio target market, try this website. Local news and information, better, more informative than the local newspaper.

Hurry, this city is being rebuilt and rates will go up! the Middletown, Ohio News Magazine advertising rate information.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

SMB HR Alert: Illegal to Ask if US Citizen

Asking Citizenship is Illegal!

You can not ask if the candidate is a United States citizen.

You have to ask if the candidate is authorized to work in the U.S. Employers not only are allowed to inquire whether a candidate is prevented from lawfully becoming employed in this country because of Visa or Immigration Status, but also are required to document legal residency status.

SMB HR Alert Continues

Monday, February 12, 2007

The Master Link Bater List

Heres a list of articles put together by Cornwall SEO! The list features posts from some of the top SEOs on earth (my opinion) like, SEOmoz, Search Engine Land (yea Danny Sullivan!), and Matt Cutts.

Here is the Enormouse Linkbate List

Nice work Cornwall SEO!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Directory of Computer Services

"Directory of Computer Services"
Computer Service Directory
Do you need a computer service person's help? If you are a business here is
a good source. This company uses the Tech Army Organization Members to
accomplish any computer service you need in the US and Canada!

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