Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Xponex Signs On To Manage

Rent Our LaptopsLas Vegas – August 16, 2007 - John Beagle, CEO of CFR Inc. DBA, announced that Xponex Web and Media Services will be retained to develop the website.

The new laptop rental website will focus exclusively on the laptop rental market and will offer exclusive promotions and products designed for both the business and personal rental customers.

Unlike previous sites owned by CFR Inc. the new site will be e-store driven and an update to the e-store is being planed for the 4th quarter of 2007.

For more information on laptop rentals or to view the site progress please visit

Saturday, August 25, 2007 Computer Rental Blog: Computer Rentals for Chicago

Who does Xponex recommend for Computer Rentals in Chicago?

Xponex Web and Media Services recommends the service of a Tech Travel Agent from for computer rentals needed in Chicago. And that includes notebook rentals and laptop rentals too!

If you are going to the McCormick Place in Chicago for a conference, convention or trade show, fast, easy and low cost solution.
McCormick Place Computer & AV Rentals from

Contact a Tech Travel Agent for fast, efficient service on any product or service.
Tech Travel Agent© Convention and Trade Show Services
Here is what Tech Travel Agents are saying about Plasma Flat Screens, "Plasma Rentals look great in your Trade Show Booth" Darcy Mann

Here is more information on the Popularity of renting Plasma Flat Screens Blog: Trade Show Organizers are Renting Plasmas
Large Plasma Screen Display Rentals are very big.
Plasma Rentals up over 200% from

Do a technology audit with your personal Tech Travel Agent. If you are incharge of a corporate event, you need a Tech Travel Agent to help you with planning, budgeting, and managing technology at your next event.

Relax, call or email

Friday, August 24, 2007

Convention Rentals - Rent A Computer

Henry B. Gonzalez Comptuer and Audio Visual RentalsWe managed to squeze in two more pages this week on computer and audio visual convention center rentals. The customer is a Nationwide Computer Rental Firm and they are having us do a page for every major convention center in the country.

The new comptuer rental pages this week are for the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio and the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando Florida.

With the busy season for conventions and trade shows rentals, and of course by default computer rentals, fast approaching I don't think we could do these pages fast enough.

If you have a similar web project that needs done on a grand scale contact Xponex Web and Media Services today for a custom quote.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

San Jose - CCTV vs IP Security Cameras

San Jose - CCTV vs IP Security CamerasThis month Xponex in conjunction with Camera Security Now is focusing on Security Cameras and the California Market.

In the number two Organic Google search spot on the phrase “Los Angeles CCTV” and number four on “Los Angeles Security Cameras” we are pleased with our first attempt in the Los Angeles Security Camera arena.

With Los Angeles going so well we have now turned our attention to San Jose. We are confident that with the high tech attitude the runs through the Silicon Valley that the internet accessible Dell based GeoVision Digital Video Recorders will do quite well there.

Follow this link to read more about the recent business partnership with the Local San Jose Security Camera firm and the Nationwide CCTV Supplier

Friday, August 03, 2007

Ohio Balloon Challenge - Middletown - Balloon Video

Xponex Web and Media Services, the firm behind, is very pleased and wishes to thank everyone who contributed this year to putting out news and information on the recent 2007 MidFirst Ohio Challenge. A special thanks to John Beagle and Rumford Productions. Though the show is over for this year anyone interested in ballooning should check out this site as it is full of beautiful video and still photos from the balloon festival.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Convention and Rental News

Convention Center RentalsXponex has produced a new convention website design aimed at helping both clients in need of rental equipment, and those who are simply looking for convention facilities. A perfect example of this is the Hartford Civic Center in Connecticut. This new design provides an integration of information for those who want to setup a show at the event, and those who want to see an event.

For those that want to see an event there is helpful information on weather, gas prices, movie listings, and even an events page that lists all the shows that will be performed at the Hartford Civic Center. For those who want to setup an event, there is tons of information on rental equipment needed to run the show.

Gas Prices In Live Time

Xponex is always looking for ways to help their clients design useful websites. One new technique gaining in popularity is the use of a "gas gadget". A gas gadget is a bit of code that sits on a webpage and then in live time it displays the current price of gas at stations within a predetermined area.

A simple example of this can be found on the Middletown Ohio Gas Price page.For more information on gadgets contact Xponex Web and Media Services.