Friday, September 21, 2007

Phoenix Computer Rental Web Pages Complete

Phoenix Comptuer Rentals Web Deisgn by Xponex

Computer and Audio Visual Rentals in Phoenix are now completely covered for our number one client This project was a small one that we completed in about 3 days or less.

Bill Schiering, Rent A Computers Vice President of Sales, noticed some time ago that the Phoenix computer rental pages his company had done internally were lacking any content or coherent theme. Mr. Schiering then asked Xponex to “just do what you know works for our website” and 3 days later he is very pleased with the results.

To learn more how Xponex can help fix up your existing web page, even if it is a page you started yourself, visit our Xponex Web and Media Services page.

To see the work we did for this quick project or perhaps even to learn more about computer rentals in Phoenix Arizona see the following pages:

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John Beagle said...

Are you talking about 20 year computer industry vetran, Bill Schiering? Or someone else?