Monday, October 01, 2007

Chicago Computer Rentals - An SEO Challenge

Chicago Computer Rentals

"Chicago Computer Rentals" is a very competitive term in Google. There are several very large computer rental firms in Chicago who main domains resolve quite nicely on that Google Search. In the past we have urged our clients to attack such markets from as many angles as possible to capture as many verticals as can be captured without having to take on the big money and the big firms now in charge of the number one Chicago search spots.

That being said the word came today that our largest customer,, wants to give it a go and optimize the dozens of Chicago Computer Rental and Chicago Audio Visual Rental pages they have to go head to head with the big guys in the Chicago Computer Rentals game.

Though we have not presented a proposal yet they seam willing to devote the time and money to project. Although we still recommend a diversified strategy for your web marketing this does go to show that at times a market can be so critical that even a costly “frontal attack” on the competition may be necessary.

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