Thursday, November 01, 2007

Google To Text Link Industry - Go Away

Google Slams Paid Text LinksWe could not let the week pass without a post on the biggest Google move in years. So if you have not already heard over the last two weeks Google has been scouring the net like an angel of death looking for sites with an abundance of paid links sitting on them. Once identified these unlucky sites have had their page rank reduced by as much as 3 “notches”.

These are not just link farms we are talking about but the biggest names on the internet. From financial sites, to newspapers, to Blogs, all have suffered the same fate. Once identified as being the host of paid links the die was cast and the result swift and certain.

The intent of all this appears to be that Google disapproves of the text link industry even as it exists in the most established and reputable of sites.

Some sources report Google wants all paid text links to use a nofollow command to prevent any rank from being passed to a site that is mealy trying to buy “Google Love”.

Others have alluded to a much more sinister scheme. As Google is heavy into the add business themselves this could be a move to punish those who do not use the Google service. This to me appears to be very dangerous ground for the once beloved internet giant. As it is certain that in the last week they have made more enemies than they have in the past 10 years and that combined with the hypocrisy of such a strategy could come back to haunt them.

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