Friday, February 22, 2008

Computer Service Now Site Updates

Nationwide Computer ServiceComputer Service Now this week authorized a major site upgrade. The most noticeable change can be found in the addition of a new side navigation bar that includes each state Computer Service Now markets.

The nationwide service company will then have us re-visit each of their hundreds of state and city pages to insure proper formatting and linking. In addition to these superficial changes many pages, on the local level, are being updated with Computer Service contact information from the

As new local service providers of all types, computer service, CCTV installers, and even computer rental firms, sign up in the national technical service provider database, kept by the, the best of these providers are being listed on their appropriate Computer Service Now state or city page.

By adding a more local feel to their pages, and by actively promoting their partnerships with local computer service technicians, Computer Service Now is confident that the additional business generated by these improvements will more than pay for themselves in a very short time.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Convention Vendor

Convention Vendor InformationThanks to the good people at we have another new project that kicked off this week. This new site will be dedicated to Convention Vendors and it hopes to become a central repository for convention news and information.

In the last few days we have made good progress on the navigation and the overall look of the sight. As we progress hopefully we will learn a little bit more about the convention business. From what we see so far the customer is on the right track with their goal of centralizing convention information as our research shows us that at present the best you can find is convention information by city or venue. Searching for convention news in this manner is very time consuming.

As always if you find yourself reading this blog or the Convention Vendors website and have any suggestions to help the vendors or convention attendees please let us know.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Miami CCTV Security Cameras

Miami Security CamerasAnother great project has come our way. This time it's an update with SEO work for the national CCTV Security Camera firm Camera Security Now.

The project started with Miami Security Cameras and at present is slated to include roughly 200 cities that Camera Security Now does business in.

Through their network of installers Camera Security Now sells their internet based GeoVison DVR units with high quality Samsung CCTV security cameras all over the country. The customers receive internet pricing and depending on ther location they can be put in touch with a local installer to run the wire and mount the cameras.

Check out our first page in this series by going to Google and typing “Miami Security Cameras”.