Thursday, March 27, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

Microsoft Volume Licensing

Microsoft Volume Licensing for BusinessWe just finished a small project for our favorite customer in the National Computer Service business, This time the project involved their Microsoft Volume Licensing solutions for business. By examining the pages the customer had done in-house we were able to suggest a simple include page that acted as a common navigation to all of their Microsoft pages. We also took some of the graphics that Microsoft had just provided them, as they are a certified Microsoft Business Partner, and those new Microsoft pictures really gave the pages a nice new look.

Glad to see that customers still value the small projects that can really help a nice site turn into a great site.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nationwide Computer Service Company Looks Local

Based in Middletown, Ohio, has been successfully marketing to customers all across the United States for over 20 years. Providing their own unique spectrum of services, the biggest selling point for Computer Service Now are the Tech Travel Agents that act as liaison between customer and technician, and become your single point of contact for computer service anywhere in the nation.

Computer Service Now is adding another trick to their repertoire with local service aimed at businesses in Middletown and the areas surrounding. The experienced technicians from Computer Service Now have been making thousands of service calls to businesses in the Miami Valley over the past two decades, providing professional service to hospitals, doctor's offices, small businesses and even major companies such as AK Steel, Middletown Regional Hospital, Black Clawson, City of Middletown, Ortho and Sports Medicine, Middletown Eyecare, Middletown Medical Associates, Martin Excavating, Akers, Mid Miami Valley Chamber of Commerce, and the Middletown Journal.

You can contact Computer Service Now today to schedule a service appointment toll free at 877-422-1907, or contact them locally at 513-422-1907. See our specialized pages for Middletown, Ohio Computer Service and Middletown, Ohio Medical Computer Support to see a sample set of some of the services we offer.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Projector Rentals From
Our long time client in the nationwide computer rental business,, has always carried a complete line of audio video rentals for use at trade shows, meetings and special events.

Now has launched another new website. This site,, is dedicated exclusively to projector rentals. With an entire site that is free to focus on the many varied aspects of this one product line our client is confident they can provide a better service to their customers.

Initially the new projector rental site will focus on the general uses and benefits of a projector rental, as well as specifics on the advantages of a LCD or a DLP projector. As the site grows we expect the client will add to their list of specific projector technologies such as: Wireless Projectors, DVD Projectors, Ultra Portable Projectors, and Large Venue Projectors.

With their quick projector rental quoting system and their informative approach to the projector rental business, we are confident this new website will be a success for our client.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Computer Service USA

Computer Service In 50 States!
As part of any good web strategy we always urge our clients to consider their most important target audience. Some times, such as with the recent Computer Service Now project, where they intend to promote their nationwide computer service in all 50 states, that’s not as easy as it sounds. Even still we urge all of our clients to identify the most critical areas of any market no matter how large its scope.

We here at Xponex hold to the age old saying from the Sun Tzu who said “he who defends everywhere defends nowhere”. In this particular instance when a customer wishes to promote their service, in this case computer service across the entire country, it’s important to identify the most critical areas of the market, as any strategy is enhanced when the target is clear and in reach.

Computer Service Now agreed with our suggestions of starting with the five states they had already, if perhaps unknowingly, spent most of their time marketing. Those markets / states were: California Computer Service, Florida Computer Service, New Jersey Computer Service, Illinois Computer Service and Texas Computer Service.

With a clear focus in mind the target markets can receive additional attention that time or money may not permit less critical states or markets. Once care is taken to provide the best content and SEO strategies to those key pages we then will of course re-evaluate the clients position in regards to the cost of the project and see if any additional work is needed to help spread the word of their nationwide computer service to the remaining states.