Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Computer Service USA

Computer Service In 50 States!
As part of any good web strategy we always urge our clients to consider their most important target audience. Some times, such as with the recent Computer Service Now project, where they intend to promote their nationwide computer service in all 50 states, that’s not as easy as it sounds. Even still we urge all of our clients to identify the most critical areas of any market no matter how large its scope.

We here at Xponex hold to the age old saying from the Sun Tzu who said “he who defends everywhere defends nowhere”. In this particular instance when a customer wishes to promote their service, in this case computer service across the entire country, it’s important to identify the most critical areas of the market, as any strategy is enhanced when the target is clear and in reach.

Computer Service Now agreed with our suggestions of starting with the five states they had already, if perhaps unknowingly, spent most of their time marketing. Those markets / states were: California Computer Service, Florida Computer Service, New Jersey Computer Service, Illinois Computer Service and Texas Computer Service.

With a clear focus in mind the target markets can receive additional attention that time or money may not permit less critical states or markets. Once care is taken to provide the best content and SEO strategies to those key pages we then will of course re-evaluate the clients position in regards to the cost of the project and see if any additional work is needed to help spread the word of their nationwide computer service to the remaining states.

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