Thursday, March 13, 2008


Projector Rentals From
Our long time client in the nationwide computer rental business,, has always carried a complete line of audio video rentals for use at trade shows, meetings and special events.

Now has launched another new website. This site,, is dedicated exclusively to projector rentals. With an entire site that is free to focus on the many varied aspects of this one product line our client is confident they can provide a better service to their customers.

Initially the new projector rental site will focus on the general uses and benefits of a projector rental, as well as specifics on the advantages of a LCD or a DLP projector. As the site grows we expect the client will add to their list of specific projector technologies such as: Wireless Projectors, DVD Projectors, Ultra Portable Projectors, and Large Venue Projectors.

With their quick projector rental quoting system and their informative approach to the projector rental business, we are confident this new website will be a success for our client.

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