Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Wrath of Google

The Wrath of GoogleToday we were very surprised to learn that a domain of ours which had a page rank of 5 was now only a 4. On top of that hurt we found out that another one of our domains, one with several pages ranking from 1 to 3 like our Apple Laptop Rentals and HP Laptop Rentals pages, had completely lost all of its page rank. Only two of some 40+ pages were left with rank. The funny thing is that one of those two pages had zero rank yesterday.

So overnight we lost our visibility on the Google search engines. We were on the first page of results and have been knocked down to the third page. What did we do to anger the Google gods? Was it some SEO failure on our part? Was it just a bug with the Google page rank? Whatever the reason is, what Google giveth, Google can taketh away.

*UPDATE - 5/1* Our domain is no longer on the third page of Google results! Its back to the first page! Praise Google!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Convention Center Directory

 Convention and Trade Show Directory for Comptuer Rentals
A really nice concept came our way a few weeks ago. Our computer rental client,, wanted to start a directory of all the convention center web pages they have had designed. As they supply technology and trade show rentals to convention centers all across the country, it is in their best interest to design helpful web pages for the convention going public.

This latest page is simply a directory of those individual pages, a mini site map if you will for the largest and most popular convention centers around the country. Unlike the individual pages themselves, such as these new pages for the Pepsi Center in Denver, or the Dallas Convention Center in Texas, the Convention Center Directory page lists dozens of individual convention venues arranging then in order of the nations most popular and then by state.

We quickly approved of the new project for the Convention Center Directory because we have seen that type of page provide a valuable resource to several other customers. As many times we find goods or services of the same class that exist on a web site have no easy way to navigate from one to the next. In this case a business person who attended multiple convention venues across the country could bookmark the Convention Center Directory and use it to look up information on convention venues, show schedules, parking, and show rentals anywhere in the country.

So as always we hope you have a chance to take a look at the page. Keep in mind we do plan future improvements in the way it is structured. Finally, if you have any suggestions for additional trade show venues, events, or features for the directory, we hope that you will leave us a comment.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Colorado Computer Service

With the upcoming Democratic National Convention on the way, Colorado will be getting a lot of attention soon so Computer Service Now will be focusing on improving their Colorado Computer Service presence.

The plan is to put more focus into the cities in Colorado. Computer Service Now is hopeful that new city pages and a better relationship with our local Colorado technicians and engineers will help to increase Colorado computer service sales. After more than 20 years in the computer service industry Computer Service Now is confident that they can provide top of the line service for any of Colorado's computer networking and repair needs.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Dallas Security Cameras

Dallas CCTV With Local InstallationAs the Dallas economy continues to outpace the rest of the county it’s no surprise Camera Security Now is devoting some marketing this month to their Dallas Security Camera Sales. With a new and updated Dallas Security Camera page complete, Bill Schiering, the firms VP of Sales, tells us the month of April will be spent focusing on the firms local Dallas CCTV installer relationships.

Additionally Schiering says he plans to update or add pages for their Security Camera Sales in the suburbs such as Fort Worth, Arlington, Irving, Plano and Grand Prairie. Schiering is hopeful that Camera Security Now’s soft sell and common sense approach to the Dallas Security Camera market will be well received and pay off with increased Dallas CCTV sales.