Friday, April 25, 2008

Convention Center Directory

 Convention and Trade Show Directory for Comptuer Rentals
A really nice concept came our way a few weeks ago. Our computer rental client,, wanted to start a directory of all the convention center web pages they have had designed. As they supply technology and trade show rentals to convention centers all across the country, it is in their best interest to design helpful web pages for the convention going public.

This latest page is simply a directory of those individual pages, a mini site map if you will for the largest and most popular convention centers around the country. Unlike the individual pages themselves, such as these new pages for the Pepsi Center in Denver, or the Dallas Convention Center in Texas, the Convention Center Directory page lists dozens of individual convention venues arranging then in order of the nations most popular and then by state.

We quickly approved of the new project for the Convention Center Directory because we have seen that type of page provide a valuable resource to several other customers. As many times we find goods or services of the same class that exist on a web site have no easy way to navigate from one to the next. In this case a business person who attended multiple convention venues across the country could bookmark the Convention Center Directory and use it to look up information on convention venues, show schedules, parking, and show rentals anywhere in the country.

So as always we hope you have a chance to take a look at the page. Keep in mind we do plan future improvements in the way it is structured. Finally, if you have any suggestions for additional trade show venues, events, or features for the directory, we hope that you will leave us a comment.

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