Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Wrath of Google

The Wrath of GoogleToday we were very surprised to learn that a domain of ours which had a page rank of 5 was now only a 4. On top of that hurt we found out that another one of our domains, one with several pages ranking from 1 to 3 like our Apple Laptop Rentals and HP Laptop Rentals pages, had completely lost all of its page rank. Only two of some 40+ pages were left with rank. The funny thing is that one of those two pages had zero rank yesterday.

So overnight we lost our visibility on the Google search engines. We were on the first page of results and have been knocked down to the third page. What did we do to anger the Google gods? Was it some SEO failure on our part? Was it just a bug with the Google page rank? Whatever the reason is, what Google giveth, Google can taketh away.

*UPDATE - 5/1* Our domain is no longer on the third page of Google results! Its back to the first page! Praise Google!

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