Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Projector Rentals For All

Projector Rentals From Rentacomputer.comProjector Rentals have long been a well kept secret of big business. They have been a convenient way for traveling salesman, pharmaceutical reps, educators, and speakers of all types to have state of the art Audio Video technology delivered right to their location so these savvy professionals can make the most of their presentations.

With a new internet marketing effort from Rent A Computer ( this same service, and the same great LCD Projector Rentals, are being made available to individuals, the small business man, and large corporations alike at incredible prices. Projectors costing upwards of several thousands of dollars are affordably priced for short term needs and are being booked and delivered daily through the Tech Travel Agents at

Through this marketing effort Rent A Computer has taken the time, and spent the money, to help educate its customers through the development of informational web based content such as: Projector Rental Advice, Wireless Projector Rentals, DVD Projector Rentals, and even an article on LCD VS DLP Projectors. Rent A Computer has also started a Projector Blog to help it’s customers stay up on the latest projector products and technology.

With a projector rental vendor that cares this much about educating the consumer we at Xponex are proud to have been a part of their internet marketing effort.

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