Friday, June 27, 2008

Lebanon Bike Path Rules

Lebanon, Ohio Bike path was very challenging due to hills and traffic. But it was fun never the less.

For more info on Bike Paths in Ohio"
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This was the first image I blogged using Google Picasa.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Surprising Data From Internet Research

Being a good SEO sometimes means you have to present the raw data of your research to your client, even when that data is apparently utterly ridiculous. One such recent situation has come up while researching the Google search term “Computer Service”. Our research tools report that the number 2 and 3 most popular regions for this search are Louisiana and Iowa. Now this of course this matches no practical experience the customer has seen in real life.

Though ranking in the top 5 for both the search terms “Iowa Computer Service” and “Louisiana Computer Service”, the customers own internal data shows little traffic derived from such general terms.

The real life experience the customer reports more closely matches the data we see for the individual cities where the search term most often originates from.

This then begs the question do you ignore valid generalized marketing data that you cannot verify in the real world or do you trust your source and devote some resources to the market in hopes of capturing some potential revenue that is of yet unrealized?

In this case we will urge the customer to approach and answer this question from several angels. First we recommend that they increase their efforts to build links and traffic to the landing page for the generalized search for Iowa and Louisiana, at the same time we believe that within that general area, that specific pages targeting the product within the city should be developed or strengthened.

Also, it goes without saying that main focus of this effort should be spent on the specific cities that turn up as the most common originating location for the search term. Which luckily as we mentioned earlier were the more common large cities that already derive a good deal of traffic from search terms such as “San Antonio Computer Service”, “Austin Computer Service” or “Dallas Computer Service”. Ok three of the top 5 cities are in Texas but that we can believe.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Barracuda Spam Firewalls

Spam Firewall
In 2007 spam email accounted for 90 - 95 percent of total e-mail sent across the web and into users Inboxes. As time has gone by, spam attackers have changed and updated their methods to bypass conventional spam detection securities. These evolving spam techniques have been seen in the form of PDF and zip files, Images, URL spam, automated spam variants, and spoofing.

One of the most effective ways to counteract these constantly evolving spammers and their attacks is to integrate your protection system with the Barracuda Spam Firewall. This firewall is an integrated hardware and software solution developed for the complete protection of your e-mail. This firewall constantly changes and updates to keep up with the current trends in spam attacks by automatically downloading and updating virus and spam definitions hourly. Since the Barracuda Spam Firewall is a 3rd party hardware and software solution there is no need to change existing e-mail and server configurations and the firewall integrates smoothly with all current spam protection methods.

Whether you work from home, are part of a small or medium business, or large corporation, there is no doubt that you will immediately see the benefits of the Barracuda Spam Firewall. These firewalls can come equipped for as little as 1-10 e-mail accounts or as many as 30,000 and can be bundled for even greater capacity and a single barracuda can be used for the protection of multiple mail servers and domains. Protect not only yourself and your employees but also your clients and customers as well with this must have spam protection method.

Also see the Barracuda E-mail Message Archiver to compile and archive all ingoing and outgoing e-mail to protect the integrity of your business.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Securing Your Website

Secure your website
Its always important to keep your site secure from any type of attack on your website. There are several different methods of hacking into someones website so its important that any programming that is done on your website, is protective and secure. A hacker will try to discover any exploits in the system and obtain unauthorized access to the system through their knowledge of programming.

Take for instance the new Mass-SQL attack thats become and epidemic for many websites. It hit several of our domains and has caused a lot of problems for us. One site,, happened to be indexed by Google after it had been hacked. So now Google says "This site may harm your computer" for our site, which is devastating to the traffic that SMBnow was seeing. Although we know the site is safe, Google sees it as harmful.

So when it comes to having programming done on your website, make sure that it is secure to avoid things like what happened to SMBnow.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Website of Convention Vendors

Convention VendorsThe convention and trade show business has many closely related, or coattail, industries. The most obvious of these is the hospitality industry with their often expensive, but conveniently located rooms actually connected to some of the countries larger convention centers. Also somewhat dependant on a successful convention center is a cities transportation sector, with many a taxi-cab driver relying on the influx of visitors to a down town for their livelihood. Also closely connected is the short term equipment rental industry, which as would imagine is just a fancy phrase for event rentals.

Recently with the increase in travel costs the convention industry has been holding its breath and hoping that attendance numbers don’t take to hard of a hit. However there is another school of thought that says higher travel costs are leading some to look even closer at the conventions and shows offered right in their own metropolitan areas.

To help educate the convention going public and to facilitate the entire convention exhibitor and convention vendor experience, which is all the more critical in light of the ever increasing travel costs, the folks at have committed to making their site a one stop information source, with a commitment to add one new convention venue per month. In time the site will host hundreds of articles and reviews of the nation’s largest convention venues as well as information provided by local convention vendors. Hopefully, through the web, a more effective method of matching the needs of the convention going public to local convention vendors, the industry as a whole will be better able to withstand the ups and downs of today’s economy.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

City Laptop Rentals

NewYork City Laptop Rental
This week at Xponex we have been working on Rentourlaptops has seen a great increase lately in the number of laptop rentals. A laptop rental is great for a business trip that will only take a month or so and you do not feel like buying a laptop because of the price. We at xponex have been making a website for each of the 50 major cities within the U.S. This pages just give you some basic information on the city and help you schedule your laptop rental in the city. Go check out the pages if you are interested in a laptop rental for a business trip to a city or if you just need one for any occasion.