Thursday, June 19, 2008

Securing Your Website

Secure your website
Its always important to keep your site secure from any type of attack on your website. There are several different methods of hacking into someones website so its important that any programming that is done on your website, is protective and secure. A hacker will try to discover any exploits in the system and obtain unauthorized access to the system through their knowledge of programming.

Take for instance the new Mass-SQL attack thats become and epidemic for many websites. It hit several of our domains and has caused a lot of problems for us. One site,, happened to be indexed by Google after it had been hacked. So now Google says "This site may harm your computer" for our site, which is devastating to the traffic that SMBnow was seeing. Although we know the site is safe, Google sees it as harmful.

So when it comes to having programming done on your website, make sure that it is secure to avoid things like what happened to SMBnow.

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