Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Photo Storage Sites are Collecting History

Popular image storage sites such as Flickr and Photobucket are beginning to see their services used by web communities,organizations and individuals to collect a history of events in a digital format. Many users are finding it easier and easier to upload their photos online for safe keeping and many find it much more efficient and cost effective than having the photos developed and storing them in the closet for later viewing.

These online hosting sites also offer a number of unique features which make it that much more convenient to host photos online for history keeping purposes. Users can create as many photo albums as they wish and upload as many pictures as they want to each photo album. The popular trend to keeping track of history is to name the album something significant with a date on it, and upload all related photos to the event. There is also the ability to comment on the photos and users can type the exact description of what is happening in this picture and history is beginning to be kept in this similar fashion.

Another interesting aspect of these online photo storage sites is the ability of user profiles as well as pictures to gain page rank. Flickr has enabled users to create a social network around their profiles and pictures and create something positive out of it.

As the digital age continues to advance and high grade technology becomes more easily accessible to people of all ages, we expect to see similar trends throughout the years as these.

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