Friday, August 29, 2008

Xponex Team Requested to Help with Plasmas and Projectors

In our most recent project, we have been requested by to improve upon the Google organic search terms for "Plasma Rentals" and "Projector Rentals". If you enter these terms in Google, you will find that the Rentacomputer plasma page has secured the #1 spot, and the Rentacomputer projector page slightly lagging behind and bringing up the #8 spot.

In order to improve upon the "Projector Rentals" search term, and also ensure "Plasma Rentals" stays number one, we plan to SEO these pages with the intention of making them grow and increasing their page rank. To do this we hope to create new on-domain content, relevant to Plasmas and Projectors, with the intention of these new pages one day receiving page rank and passing them on to our target pages.

In order to ensure these new pages will one day generate page rank, we will write useful, relevant, and on topic articles that many people will enjoy reading and at the same time educate them about the subject. By creating relevant articles that people will find in Google, we will be generating traffic to these new pages and showing Google that these articles are useful. We plan to speed up this process by using social marketing techniques to get these new articles exposure and traffic, and hopefully sustaining this new flow of traffic by creating dynamic content which new viewers will find helpful to read.

One thing to note about SEO work is that results are never immediate. It will take several months to even begin to see whether or not our endeavors are bearing fruit, and to show us which techniques are working and which ones are going nowhere.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Bullet Security Cameras

Just a quick note to let you know we started a new blog the other day. A blog just about bullet cameras for our customer over at sells more than just bullet cameras, but they thought to try something different and make a blog specifically for the popular little CCTV Bullet Camera.

They tell us bullet camera's are the personal favorite of may of their csutomer so I could see why they would want to make a blog dedicated to the bullet cameras.

If you did not know a bullet camera is unique in the security camera market because it seems to offer everything you would ever want in a security camera. It is small, light, discrete, inexpensive, and very easy to maintain set-up and install.

Check out the Bullet Camera blog today if you want to learn a little more about these wonderful security cameras.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Google vs. McDonald's – The Speed Test

As I imagined, Google has been compared to and measured against almost everything. From IBM to Santa Clause, for example you can find about 18,000 comparisons in seconds with a simple Google search. My favorite so far is that “Google is like your Ex (wife) – Cute, but Insane.”

But today I have the opportunity to compare, or more to the point measure, Google vs McDonald's.

This story starts with the typical Friday rush to get things done, get to lunch, get back, get some more work done, and then get the heck out of the office. So at approx. 1:15 I finished a new blog post on my Words of Freedom blog and quickly hit the submit button. Then, you guessed it, headed for McDonald's.

McDonald's is no more than 5 minutes away, but it’s still basically lunch time and the drive through is pretty busy, so it was not just a drive up and order sort of thing. But soon enough it’s my turn at the giant order board and I place my order for a BBQ snack wrap (a chicken tender in a tortilla shell) and a small fry. Artery clogging fat and cholesterol in hand I drive right back to the office. By now 19minutes have gone by as I sit back down at my desk.

Being addicted to Google more so than my snack wrap I instinctively go to Google and search on the title of my latest blog post, the post I made second before going to lunch. Which I think was something like “Richard M. Nixon on perseverance”. Ok, that’s a pretty specific search term and it looks like I may have been the first to have ever strung those five words together in the history of the internet. But that’s not the point. The point is that Google had already found my post, and at the bottom of the Google search result it said “13 minutes ago”

So with my trip taking 19 minutes and Google indexing my post 13 minutes before I got back that means it took Google only 6 minutes to find my post out of the entire internet and serve it up in a search result. Comparing that with my visit to the drive through, and excluding drive time, I see it took McDonald's 9 minutes to fill my order of a BBQ snack wrap and a fry.

By this simple experiment I believe I am not only the first to ever write “Richard M. Nixon on perseverance “ but that I am also the first to have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Google is faster than McDonald's. So it is a good Friday indeed.

One last thing: When I finally took a bite of my snack wrap, I quickly discovered that McDonald's had botched my order and gven me Ranch instead of BBQ.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Wecome Tara to the Xponex Team

We would like to welcome our newest employee, Tara Kunkle, to the Xponex Web and Media team. Tara has recently graduated from the Miami Valley Career Technology Center in Clayton, Ohio, and has experience with video editing and recording, website design, and photoshop. Currently Tara specializes in Social Marketing and Search Engine Optimization and has helped our team to stay focused with the projects at hand as well as complete others with surprising speed.

Apart from blogging and and working on our latest web project, Tara is also a resident of Preble Country and a full time student. She is currently attending Sinclair Community College where she aims to major in Visual Communications in order to improve and expand upon her skills from Miami Valley. She also coaches a little league soccer team in her spare time, and has become very involved with the community.

With the skills and experience Tara has brought to table, she has made a fine addition to the Xponex Team and we expect great things from her, and the future to come.