Friday, August 29, 2008

Xponex Team Requested to Help with Plasmas and Projectors

In our most recent project, we have been requested by to improve upon the Google organic search terms for "Plasma Rentals" and "Projector Rentals". If you enter these terms in Google, you will find that the Rentacomputer plasma page has secured the #1 spot, and the Rentacomputer projector page slightly lagging behind and bringing up the #8 spot.

In order to improve upon the "Projector Rentals" search term, and also ensure "Plasma Rentals" stays number one, we plan to SEO these pages with the intention of making them grow and increasing their page rank. To do this we hope to create new on-domain content, relevant to Plasmas and Projectors, with the intention of these new pages one day receiving page rank and passing them on to our target pages.

In order to ensure these new pages will one day generate page rank, we will write useful, relevant, and on topic articles that many people will enjoy reading and at the same time educate them about the subject. By creating relevant articles that people will find in Google, we will be generating traffic to these new pages and showing Google that these articles are useful. We plan to speed up this process by using social marketing techniques to get these new articles exposure and traffic, and hopefully sustaining this new flow of traffic by creating dynamic content which new viewers will find helpful to read.

One thing to note about SEO work is that results are never immediate. It will take several months to even begin to see whether or not our endeavors are bearing fruit, and to show us which techniques are working and which ones are going nowhere.

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