Friday, October 24, 2008

What do you think of Google Chrome

Well now that is has been almost two months since Google Chrome has came out I think we can all say it did not sweep the nation by storm like many of us thought. Google has not seemed to be able to apply their monopoly of the search engine world over to the browser world.

Google Chrome included a faster browsing experience, a whole new java script engine, each tab has its own process, a new simpler browser look, and the browser would be open-source for anyone to look at. The problem is they changed everything I would say too much. What they forgot is the fact that most people have their browsers set-up the way they want them to be. For instance when I use my firefox browser I have about 5 different ad-ons that I cannot go without. The fact is the majority of people are not capable of downloading google chrome and abandoning their old browser just to see a subtle performance gain.

The vast majority of people first tried Google Chrome, but after a week or so decided they liked their old browser better, including I. When I first tried Google Chrome I really liked the new look and the fast web browsing. It all sounded great at first, but then everything would just seem to crash on any pages with videos. So I had to switch back to my old browser. I have not tried to fix the problem because well I am satisfied with my Firefox browser and I am not going to take time to try and fix my broken Chrome browser when I am already very content on Firefox. I feel many people ran into the same thing. Once they ran into the slightest problem they just went straight back to their old browser. As you can see though my opinion is very biased since my browser does not function properly. In fact a fellow employee at work uses chrome and he loves it saying its just simple and fast. The fact is Chrome is faster and simpler, but that is pretty much all it has to offer so far in the already dominant field of IE and Firefox browsers. It will satisfy a small niche of the web community. Pretty much everybody will have their own experience with Google Chrome. I recommend that you just try it yourself since it only takes about a couple minutes to install and seeing how you like it.

To learn more about Google Chrome make sure to read their quirky comic they made explaining the advantages of Google Chrome.

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