Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Google Chrome is Alive

Google Chrome is Alive and breathing since they took the wraps off on December 12, 2008. But don't think for one moment that Google is done with this browser. Far from it indeed. New features will include portability, scale-ability, view-ability and usability improvements.

I suspect that Google will breath more life into Chrome with each new enhancement.

Currently the 2 tools I like the best are:
1. Incognito - private no footprint web browsing
2. Web developer tools to see source code including:
- Task Manager - Shows Memory Use, Title and Stats for Nerds
- Javascript Script and Debugging Tools
- Improved View Source Code Tool

For more info on Google Chrome: http://tools.google.com/chrome/intl/en-US/features.html

But how do people like Google Chrome?

Alex Solis said, "I've only seen a few problems with the Google Chrome that have bugged me such as:When displaying forum avatar gif's it seems to almost lag and move alot slower then when viewed with Firefox or IE. The scrolling seems a bit off in the browser, hard to describe but it seems to move much faster then with Firefox, which has been bugging me when browsing. When listening to PANDORA, skipping songs causes the window to lag and delays the song from playing by 20-30 seconds. Possibly flash compatability issues?"

Personally, I like Google Chrome but it doesn't work with all my applications. So I use IE and Firefox. I need all three to test new content pages anyway. Also I believe that Google Chrome is very fast. Much faster than IE and faster on some pages than Firefox.

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