Friday, January 02, 2009

Best Internet Spoof of 2008

The Promegranate NS08, iPhone Successor - Just a Spoof

 Promegranate NS08 - Best Spoof of 2008
How do you lure geeks to Nova Scotia, a place that has everything? Offer them a glimpse into the Pomengranate NS08 phone,

Besides being a telephone with web browsing, camera, e-mail, and an MP3 player, this device also boasts features such as harmonica, shaver, global voice translator, the ability to brew coffee, and project a 72-inch screen for movies and business presentations.

For Tech Tease of the year, I vote for the "Pomegranate Phone". The videos look so real and serious that the next thing you want to click on is the Release Date button, which splashes pomengranate guts all over your screen and outs the presentation as "a stretch". It's all really just a spoof to get you to move to Nova Scotia.

By: Mandy Van Cleave


John Beagle said...

Some of those features will happen, but I would never expect my phone to brew coffee.

Etha W said...
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Etha W said...

Imagine! being on your way home from work on a cold winters day, you pick up your phone, press a couple of buttons and your lights are on, your tv is tuned into your movie, the oven is heated up and a fresh pot of coffee is filling the house with that Foldgers aroma! I could totally see all this happening and a little note to those engineers that is dreaming this up don't forget a hot