Monday, January 05, 2009

Power Twitter picks up where Twitter leaves off

Narendra Rocherolle, co-founder of 83°, has updated Firefox add-on Power Twitter to version 1.0.  The 0.83 version was released under 30 Boxes in April of 2007, but updates have picked up along with the recent spikes in Twitter usage.

One add-on feature I appreciate most is that URLs are expanded to page titles, very useful when the URL  shortening services (like tinyurl) leave you with no idea where you are headed if you click the link.

Mouseover a user in your Following box and with the add-on, you will see their most recent Twitter updates.  Without the add-on, this action shows only their name.   There are no extra options  when you are viewing all of your following list, so on the Home page you are stuck with that non-customizable box of 36 users which you can mouseover, but it’s a start.  Perhaps soon we will be able to set top friends in Twitter?

Power Twitter gives your clicking finger a break by bringing Flickr and TwitPic inline.  Rather than seeing the links, the pictures appear along with the original user comment, click anywhere on the picture to see additional user-posted comments.  YouTube videos show the thumbnail before taking you to YouTube to view the video.

The small handful of users that have reviewed the add-on complain that their tweets are truncated, but a quick search using the new box the add-on gives reveals that including an “&” (ampersand) in the tweet cuts off everything after.  The developer is aware of this and a few other issues and is quickly working toward the 1.1 update.

It takes less than 10 seconds at cable modem speed to download and install the add-on.

Inline YouTube thumbnail:

Tweet as it appears without add-on:

Tweet with add-on:


Andy Wendt said...

No DL link. ARGH

Mandy Van Cleave said...

it's in the first line of the article