Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Social Networking Giants: Myspace Not Top Dog?

Social Networking SitesSocial networking sites are everywhere these days and its pretty much impossible to not be apart of at least one. No matter how much you say you hate them you undoubtably will be dragged into one because, lets face it, everyone you know has one and they will do their best to try and get you one, or in my case, forget asking you all together and make you one anyway.

In the magical world of social networking, three sites reign supreme above all else: Twitter, Facebook, and, of course, Myspace. These sites completley revolutionized how we talk with friends, interact with new people, and display ourselves to the world.

Until recently, Myspace had been the undeniable leader in the market. However, things have taken a recent turn away from Myspace's favor. Myspace is now holding the number two spoot as the top spot has been conqured by Facebook with Twitter quickly closing the gap in third place. Myspace, which used to be the hottest social netwrking site around, has become pretty flat as of late with its content, functions, and all around performance. Facebook, which recently turned five years old, has surged past rival Myspace in nearly every way.

Most people probaly can’t believe that their beloved Facebook was receiving a tremendous amount of bad press by this time last year saying the site had “jumped the gun” but it now appears to be just the opposite.

In order for a social networking site to work, they need to have a good stream of activity in their user base. What that means is they need a lot of time and visits from each unique visitor. In these categories, Facebook has excelled while Myspace has remained stagnant or fallen off and with the new hot rising site Twitter quickly climbing the ranks.

Social networking sites are, indeed, everywhere and you would be hardpressed not to be apart of one or to not know at least ten people that are apart of one. Facebook is now the top dog of the social networking scene with Myspace staying in a strong second. However, with Myspace’s trends in key areas lacking the same spice they used to have and with Twitter quickly growing stronger, Myspace may have more than just Facebook hovering over them.

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