Friday, March 06, 2009

From Windows Live Search to Kumo Spider Cloud?

Windows Live Search Logo
Since early last year Microsoft executives have been leaking information to the media about the rebrand of Microsoft’s Live Search. A recent post by a Microsoft executive on the social networking site, Twitter give extra validation to the changes; the post read, “Played today with Live search upcoming (to be rebranded) launch pre-beta. I like the new features and UX so far.”

Kumo seems to be the winner of potential new names according to reports. As Microsoft is looking for a more user friendly name and wants a name that will allow for other services than search such as its social network. Interesting enough Kumo means “cloud” and “spider” in Japanese which gives a lot of creative opportunities for a really cool logo and lets face it, visual appeal and usability is the name of the game.

Kumo is presently being tested internally and is already receiving some criticism due to the popularity of Google and as Chrome develops and matures it is going to take some pretty big bells and whistles to top it. On the other hand Microsoft does have the capability to pull the resources to give Google a run for their money. Question is…will they?

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