Friday, May 22, 2009

Google SEO Starter Guide

Hi, my name is Katie Sellers. I am new at XPONEX, and as part of my training I read the Google SEO Starter Guide. I thought that there was tons of valuable information in this packet. Some of the topics discussed were over my head, but many of the aspects were perfectly clear and will be most helpful to me in the future.

I thought all the facts on “nofollow” were very interesting and informational. They addressed things that I had been unclear on previous to reading the packet. I had not realized how “nofollow” could influence the effectiveness of certain search engine and help avoid those engine’s spam filters.

I had also not been aware of the extreme importance of your selection of keywords. Keywords can make or break the amount of traffic your page, article, or whatever else you’re promoting receives. By carefully selecting appropriate words, Google’s search engine can assist in furthering your number of views and aid in the endorsement of your project.

There were many in depth situations discussed in the Google SEO Starter Guide that I studied. Although I could not possibly remember them all, I certainly gained a large amount of knowledge that should further my blogging success in the future.

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