Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mac Desktop Rentals Project

This week at Xponex I was given an assignment from Rentacomputer to give some much needed updating to the Apple Computer Rental pages. The plan was simple we were not showing up anywhere on the first page of Google for Mac Desktop Rentals and my job was to completely change over the Apple-Desktop page to Mac Desktop Rentals.

The best way to get a keyword like Mac Desktop Rental to show up on Google is to make the entire page about that particular keyword. It can really harm your webpage if you try and combine a bunch of keywords on the same page. If you have the time you are often better off making a single webpage for every keyword set you want to hit for Google.

The webpage was a simple fix over. I found a page very similar to it and just changed around all the images, links, titles, and text to match the new Mac Desktop Rental theme. I also try to add something new to each page to not only make the page look better, but to help Google not see the pages as duplicate content.

Here is a quick look at the page:

The final step I took was to take all of our other Apple/Mac rental pages and give them a much needed update and link them all together using a simple include on each page. This not only helps the customers find the right page they are looking for, but it will help provide page rank to each page because Google sees that they are all connected.

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