Monday, June 08, 2009

Search Engine goes Bing, Boom, Bomb

Seems like only yesterday there was a new kid on the search engine block. Bing is the new kid with advanced 'on page' search features and results that are nearly as good as Google. Bing indeed has more consumer orientation in its look, feel and the results presented.

During its introduction, "Bing" looked like the latest challenger to Google's search empire with an impressive spike on June 4, 2009 to 15.64% of US Search! Data Credit:

Did you blink? I hope not, because by June 7th, Bing Boomed back to 5.61%, more than a 10% Drop in search share.

Phase I of Microsoft's $100 Million stimulus package codenamed: "Bing" made a nice first impression. But early indications is that it is not a lasting one.

Stay tuned while Microsoft burns through most of it's annual advertising budget. Can they buy market share? Or does Bing just need a better introduction?
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