Sunday, October 04, 2009

Google Caffeine Coming Soon

Google Caffeine Coming Soon

Google is getting ready to release a new, improved version of its search engine. Nicknamed "Caffeine," Google claims the upgraded version will be faster, more accurate, bigger, and more comprehensive than the original Google search. The current version is a pre-beta release but tech websites across the internet are already chattering about Caffeine and putting it to the test. At the social media-oriented website, Mashable, they set out to judge the speed, accuracy, temporal relevancy and index size of the new search engine.

To measure speed, they looked at how fast the search engine loaded results compared to the original version. Whether the search word was "dog" or a longer phrase, the new Google won with every test. As a matter of fact, with "dog," Caffeine more than cut search time in half - coming in at 0.12 seconds vs the old Google's 0.25 seconds.

When it came to accuracy, it wasn't as easy to judge but Caffeine was declared the winner. The new version of Google appeared to consider more of the key words in searched phrases. One difference was that Caffeine didn't integrate image and news results into its searches like Google's current search engine does, but it's possible that will be added before the finalized product is released.

As for Temporal Relevancy, neither version really outshines the other. Bing (Microsoft's new search engine) actually appeared to be just as good, if not better than both versions of Google. The newer version did seem to change news article results faster as they became more up-to-date, but Mashable calls this one a draw.

As for index size, another search of the word "dog" showed that the new Google surpassed the old with a total of 359,000,000 matches to 51,900,000. But other, more complicated searches showed that Microsoft's Bing surpassed both versions.

Based on these few, short tests, it appears as though the new Google is much better than the old and will only get better before the final version is finished. It also appears that Google is starting to feel some competition from Bing.

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