Thursday, October 22, 2009

Right Now Searches: Twitter teams up with Google and Bing

Right Now Searches: Twitter teams up with Google and Bing
Anyone who uses it for a period of time knows that news breaks instantly on Twitter. Major news corporations often seem too slow, and by the time they get a link up on their site, the news that broke on twitter has already been an hour old and people are moving on. Many people that don't use twitter regularly don't think to check the search when looking for information on breaking news, while pundits and journalists are often tweeting when in meetings with the President, tech news is received direct from top level CEOs and sports news direct from the athletes.

The deal between Twitter and the two major search engines hasn't been disclosed but it's apparent that Twitter's public feed is of great value to both. It could be a real way for Twitter to earn some money and for Bing and Google's search results to be more realtime relevant.

The process is a bit complicated but what the search engines will do with the Twitter feed is index the tweets as they are popping up and scan them to check for patterns and spikes in keywords. This will help them get a better grasp on what people on the web are paying attention to and talking about. If a certain link is particularly popular, Google and Bing can take note and move the link or topic higher up on the results page.

The most daunting task for the search engines is that tweets will show up in the search results, but when there are millions of tweets coming in at once how do you rank them in the results? Twitter is apparently attempting to solve this issue, as are a few others to come up with a "pagerank" style of operating. But until that gets figured out by everyone involved I wouldn't expect a crisp and clear operation.

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