Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Annoying Side of Facebook

These days, it seems like the question "are you on Facebook" is almost synonymous with the phrase "nice to meet you" and most everyone between the ages of eight and 80 can probably answer "yes." And almost everyone of those Facebook users probably has some sort of complaint about the social networking media. Recently, took a look at "The 10 Most Annoying Things About Facebook." Here's are a few of the things they found:

1. No, I don't want to play Mafia Wars. From Mafia Wars to Farmville and everything in between, Facebook is full of games. Some people play them daily, a lot of us don't. And being that most of these games require you to recruit new members to win, you may find yourself getting dozens of invites from your friends each week. There are some ways to cut back on these things. When you get an invitation, click "block this application" and that should prevent you from getting other invitations. And if you're tired of seeing your friends' gaming updates in your news feed, simply click "hide."

2. Please don't post that picture of me from high school. You've spent your entire life trying to keep certain pictures of yourself hidden from the world. Maybe the one of the ridiculous outfit you wore on the first day of eleventh grade or the one from when you had a little too much to drink at that football game. But now your best friend or your parents can not only post their copy of the picture to their own Facebook page, they can tag you, which puts the picture on your profile page as well. Whether it's well-meaning or just an attempt to embarrass you, you can always untag yourself from a photo, but you may have to keep a close watch to make sure you get to it on time.

The Annoying Side of Facebook

3. We know who you voted for, now please be quiet. Some people see Facebook as another outlet to push their political agenda. And that's fine, they have the right, but it can be annoying, especially when your friends and you don't see eye to eye on topics like health care reform and gay marriage. In fact, recently, I was thrilled to find someone who I haven't seen in over four years and add her as a friend. Unfortunately, her first status update was something along the lines of us "How do I tell my daughter she can't have a Happy Meal because french fries are the reason polar bears are dying?" Unfortunately, there's not much you can do about this. You can always hide the friends whose updates you don't care to see or if you are the offending political poster, you can choose for certain people to not be able to view your own, but for the most part, Facebook friends representing opposing political view are just going to have to learn to play like grown-ups.

4. What on earth is a hashtag? Lots of people like to synchronize their social networking sites and often let their Twitter updates feed into Facebook, as well. Personally, I use Facebook and Twitter for two separate purposes and would probably be horrified if the two mixed, but some people feel both sets of friends need to view their every update. Unfortunately, marrying the two isn't always the best idea. For one thing, those who aren't familiar with Twitter's rules (140 characters, hashtags, lingo, etc.), some updates don't exactly translate into real world conversation and can leave you confused. And if you're friends with someone on both mediums, getting double updates can get old. Again, there's not much you can do about this but simply ignore it.

5. Where's the "dislike" button? Facebook's "like" button is a very handy tool. If someone says something you find clever or you'd like to comment on but can't find the words or the time, you can simply click "like" to show your appreciation. But what if they post something that's not so pleasant. Maybe they lost their job, their dog died, or their child's team lost the big championship game? These aren't really things you want to "like" and maybe you can't really find the words to offer your condolences but would like them to know you noticed. Wouldn't it be great if there were a "dislike" button? There isn't yet, but there is a lobby to get Facebook to incorporate one and it's over half a million people strong. Maybe soon!

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Andy Wendt said...

I like FaceBook on my iPhone because it gives you only the essentials and not all that junk you get in the web browser.

John Beagle said...

Great post, funny stuff and right on. People can be so tacky at times.