Monday, November 02, 2009

Microsoft CEO Ballmer's first address to the SEO Community

Danny Sullivan, President of Search Marketing Expo SMX, has booked as keynote speaker,  Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. This will be the first time Ballmer will address the SEO community.

Why is Balmer coming to an SEO conference and trade show? It's Bing. In a recent interview, Steve said, "Search and advertising, we are a small share. It's all about Google. They have share, we don't..."

It is about time for Microsoft to show respect to the community of people who work on the search product you seek to promote. SEO is grass roots. It's brainstorming at every facet of search, organic and pay. I am happy to see Microsoft send their top man this year. For the first time, Microsoft has gotten my attention and probably allot of other search experts.

Photo: Matt Cutts from Google and Danny Sullivan prepare for You&A, a question and answer session that is most popular at SMX Seattle. Matt is a regular at all search community conferences. I have seen him at PubCon, Search Engine Strategies and SMX.

MIA are:'s CEO Barry Diller
Yahoo! President Sue Decker

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