Tuesday, January 06, 2009

SEO & Social Media

SEO & Social Media

Seventy percent of Google's algorithm is based on links and links are the heart of the internet. With this in mind, social media can be your best friend if you are looking for top rankings. When Google looks at your website or blog, it's looking to see how many people like you and they do that by looking at how many times you have been linked to other various websites and blogs. The more influential a person is, the better off you are, and with the popularity of social media, making those contacts and earning that linkage is easier than ever.

With tools like Twitter and Facebook, you have a whole new list of people to network and connect with. Build your relationships and create good content and suddenly you have a bunch of new links. It is a pretty simple concept, but it can take a little time. You don't sign up for a Twitter account and immediately have 1,000 followers or make 100 new close friends. You have to gain your followers' trust and make it clear you aren't there just to get a link on their blogs.

So, if you are new to social media or maybe you are an old hand at it and just looking for new ways to get links, here are some things you can do to help yourself succeed:

1. Make bookmarking and tagging on your website simple and easy.

2. Open your API, permit embeds and RSS.

3. Thank your linkers by listing recent links, promoting them with a nofollow tag, or even just a note of thanks.

4. Create PDFs, video files, slideshows, articles, and podcasts that travel easily.

5. Make sure your content is free and resourceful.

6. Know your audience and make sure your content reflects them.

7. Promote awareness by creating a buzz about your website or blog.

8. Stay fresh and don't be afraid to try new, innovative things.

9. Stay humble and don't develop too much of an ego when you accomplish great things.

10. Make sure you have a strategy. Become a social media leader and allow that to help you create influence and credibility.

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