Sunday, December 06, 2009

Social Media at the Altar

Social media is everywhere these days and people use it for thousands of different reasons. With mobile phones becoming more and more social media-friendly, people are updating their Twitter and Facebook statuses to report everything from the mundane: what kind of coffee they just bought at Starbucks or what they thought of the night's episode of "Glee," to the outrageous: celebrities announcing big career moves and astronauts posting about space walks.

But one Maryland couple took their love of social media to a whole new level, recently. Dana Hanna surprised his new bride, Tracy Page, by whipping out his cell phone during their wedding ceremony and changing his Facebook relationship status to read "married."

"Dana is updating his relationship status on Facebook," the pastor told wedding guests, as the congregation erupted into laughter. "It's official on Facebook, it's official in my book," he said before telling the groom he could kiss the bride.

The groom said no one knew of his plans but himself and the minister, not even his bride. He also kept her cell phone in his pocket in case she wanted to join him. The crowd watched, surprised, as the couple updated their Facebook statues and Hanna (or @SoftwareJedi for Twitter users) updated his Twitter feed to read:

Social Media At the Altar

The groom told the Huffington Post that he and his wife are very "technology centric" and use Facebook and Twitter to keep up with their large families, who are scattered all across the United States. He says that they even took to Facebook to announce their engagement,

"...when we got engaged, we changed our Facebook statuses and didn't even call anyone since the word would spread on Facebook far faster than it would have over the phone calling all hundreds of our friends and family. After doing that, we received a lot of laughs, and some minor criticism from family whom were insulted that we couldn't even pick up the phone to call them."
The newlywed couple has received much media attention. According to the new bride's (aka @TracyMarieHanna) latest tweets, they were interviewed on the show "Fox and Friends" and their video has aired on "Good Morning America." The groom now has over 700 followers and many of his recent tweets include "thank you's" to followers wishing them congratulations and mentions of more media attention.

Want to see the social media wedding for yourself? Check out this YouTube video of the big moment:

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