Monday, January 18, 2010

Get More Twitter Followers

Get More Twitter Followers

Last week, I mentioned that getting yourself retweeted can help drive your blog traffic. One key to getting retweeted is to get more followers but how do you go about doing that? Below are some tips and easy ways to grow your Twitter following, giving you more prospective blog readers and retweeters!

It may be somewhat hard to pinpoint your target audience on most social media websites but with Twitter, it's super easy. You can establish a relationship with your audience without being pushy or annoying (unless you just set out to be pushy and annoying), and overall, it can be a great marketing tool. The more followers you have, the more potential blog readers you'll have.

The easiest way to get followers is to follow people first. Most people will follow back, especially if you appear to be interested in the same topics. Some people even have their accounts set up to follow anyone who follows them. Paying attention to your target audience is key. If you blog about politics, following people who tweet about gardening may not be very productive. Using a search tool called Twellow, which is kind of like the Yellow Pages for Twitter, you can search keywords that are relevant to your preferred topic.

Once you've done your search, follow people who appear to be a big deal in your field. Maybe they have tons of followers or maybe they are celebrities outside of Twitter. Generally, these people are all about self-promotion for one reason or another and will scan their own feeds for their names, or the products and services they offer. Take a chance and tweet to or about them and you may get a response. A response isn't guaranteed of course, but in the event you do receive a response, their followers will see that person talking to you and may be inclined to follow you, themselves.

Also, expose your account whenever possible. Maybe you always put your blog link in your signature on emails or when you comment on other blogs. Throw the link to your Twitter account in there, too. Make it so that people who read your blog can follow you on Twitter with a simple click of their mouse.

Pay close attention to your numbers of followers vs. people you are following. If people see you are following a large amount of users and do not have many following back, they are going to assume you are a spammer or otherwise undesirable. If you have more followers or are closer to an even number of both, you'll appear as someone with some influence. If you start following too many people who aren't following back, use a program such as Twitter Karma to remove those who aren't following you.

A few more ways to make yourself more appealing: customize your twitter page. Add photos and bio info and give your page some personality. People want to follow other people who they can connect with or receive quality information from, not salesmen or spammers. Which leads me to: engage yourself! Talk to people! Don't just post your blog links over and over. Make friends! That's a sure way to encourage people to pay more attention to you. Lots of people may even click your blog if you put it in the "link" section to see if they're interested in following you. I've had many people tell me they began following me because they found my blog interesting.

Finally, be consistent on every website. Use the same picture for your avatars or the same user ID on various sites. Develop yourself as a brand, starting with Twitter. If you have a picture of you and your dog as your Twitter avatar, make sure that same picture is located somewhere on your blog. And be consistent with your tone and message. If your blog is about tech gadgets, tweet about tech gadgets in addition to other things. Don't tweet about running, with the occasional blog post about iPhones. It's fine to tweet about both things, but make sure you're doing both equally.

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