Thursday, February 25, 2010

Facebook Added to Google's Real-time Search...Sort Of

Facebook Added Google's Real-time Search

Just two months after Google launched its real-time search, the company has announced it will be adding Facebook pages. Google made the announcement via its twitter account.

The search provides-time information from places such as Yahoo Answers, Twitter, blogs, news, and as of about a week ago, MySpace. Now Facebook is part of the mix. There's just one small problem; only Facebook Pages are being added. As a rule, Facebook Pages belong to businesses and brands, celebrities, and politicians. For the most part, those users do not post newsy updates like your average, everyday user might, and that sort of goes against the purpose of the real-time search.

The reason for this? Facebook is allowing the data from it's 400 million users to be used by Microsoft's Bing. And even then, only status updates that are shared with "Everyone" will be viewable via the search engine. According to Search Engine Land, Facebook is sharing the information with Google and Bing for free, unlike Twitter who cut a deal with the two search engines.

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