Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Teens Ditch Blogging

Teens Ditch Blogging

The blogging craze is over. For teenagers that is. A new study says teens are ditching long-winded, diary-like blog posts for the shorter status updates of Facebook. The study, released this week by the Pew Internet and American Life project showed that only half of teenagers who were blogging in 2006 are still keeping an online journal. That's 14% of all teens compared to the 28% who were blogging just three years ago.

Surprisingly, the study also found that only 8% of teens are using Twitter, compared to 73% who use social networking websites.

Pew researcher Aaron Smith told Reuters, the study was "a little bit surprising, although there are definitely explanations given the state of the technological landscape." He attributes the lack of blogging to the rising popularity of websites such as Facebook and the fact that teens are now using cell phones to communicate vs. computers, which makes the short status updates easier to type than a full blog post.

On the other hand, Smith found the results about Twitter pretty surprising, "It was somewhat interesting in the sense that teens tend to be the early adopters. They were the first to use social networking and texting. Its certainly unusual compared to what we've seen with other technology." Smith suggested that teens may see Twitter as a tool for celebrities or may even be afraid to post their thoughts so publicly when they can do the same thing on Facebook, which seems to offer a little more in terms of privacy.

As far as adults go, they're still blogging. The number of blogging adults over 30 has actually increased, while the number of 19 - 29 year olds who maintain blogs has declined. Smith says this is due to the fact that older people are becoming more comfortable with the internet, while younger people are turning to their phones, texting, and social networking.

The survey, which took place from June to September 2009, was based on a telephone survey of 800 people, ages 12-17.

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