Friday, March 19, 2010

Google's New "Starred Search"

Google's New Starred Search

Google is nothing if not innovative when it comes to personalizing search results and their latest idea is actually kind of a good one. The new feature is called "starred search," and it allows you to "star" a website in a Google search results page, kind of like a bookmark. When you are logged into your account, your starred sites are moved to the top of the results page. In addition, your starred sites synchronize with your bookmarks and Google Toolbar, making it easier for you organize your web browsing.

The feature is slowly made it's debut last week and should soon be available for everyone.

The feature is replacing Google's SearchWiki, which allowed users to reorganize the organic search results. Many tech experts say this is great news. If you're searching for the same site over and over, well, most people end up bookmarking it; starred search is more of a bookmarking tool than Google's SearchWiki ever was.

Last month, stars were already added to Google News. This allowed users to share articles they found interested, as well as keep the URLs for later viewing. Google Reader, Gmail, and Chrome will also be seeing stars soon!

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