Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Twitter's Got a New Home Page!

Twitter's Got a New Home Page

If Twitter's looking a little different to you lately, that's because it is! The social networking site has a new home page and its goal is to keep you coming back. The new homepage was revealed on Tuesday and it adds a whole lot of stuff that wasn't there before. From a ticker featuring the latest trending topics to a list of supposed random featured users you should follow, you are sure to notice the changes.

There's a section called "Top Tweets," which features random updates from users. The tweets pop up every few seconds and are selected by algorithm. In an interview at Search Engine Land, Twitter's Abdur Chowdhury explains, "The algorithm looks at all kinds of interactions with tweets, including retweets, favorites, and more to identify the tweets with the highest velocity beyond expectations. This is intended to highlight tweets from all users and doesn't favor those with large follower counts."

As many point out, most people who already Twitter on a regular basis, most likely use a third party app and aren't signing into the homepage very often, so the new homepage is probably aimed at new and infrequent users who sign in often. A Nielsen survey from last year points out that about 60% of people who sign up for a Twitter account end up abandoning it within a month. Why this is, is up for debate, but the folks at Twitter hope the new homepage will help new users understand the website a little more.

Personally, I'm not sure if the changes homepage will have a lot of impact. Twitter does seem to be one of those things you either get or you don't. I don't think a day has gone by when I haven't tweeted lately, but when I encourage friends to sign up, for the most part, they tend to lose interest and return to Facebook.

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