Thursday, April 08, 2010

Fortune 500 Companies Fail at SEO

Fortune 500 Companies Fail at SEOIf you think Fortune 500 companies have the upper hand on SEO, you're wrong. Despite the fact that the big guns spend about $3.4 million a day - yes a day - on nearly 100,000 keywords, a report from Conductor Research reports that only one quarter of those keywords rank in the top 50 (natural) search results on the most popular search engines. And that's an increase from 2008 when the numbers showed just 17% of the companies' keywords showed up in the top 50.

The Fortune 500 Report analyzes national search results, optimization effectiveness, trends, and integration plans for those corporate an consumer brands for December 2009 fourth quarter.

"Since they spend all that money on paid-search keywords you would expect these companies would want the keywords in natural search to correlate with investments on the other side and make them as visible as possible," Nathan Safran, a senior research analyst at Conductor said.

More research showed that only 2% of the domains show a significant number of terms in the top 50. Only 15% of those companies have a "mid-to-strong presence" for their most advertised keywords, while 53% have absolutely no natural search visibility for those keywords. 68% of keywords can be found on a landing page. Safran says many companies just don't know what it takes to build their campaign.

Longer search queries caused a decrease in visibility. Searches with more than seven words saw a greater decrease than those with just one or two words.

The results show a huge difference in rankings of companies that did well and companies that have poor visibility; even the companies that have higher rankings, no company had most of their keywords ranked in the top 25 search results.

The report ranks companies with the best visibility as having a grade "A" or "B," while "C," "D," and "F" mean poor visibility. It also broke down the companies by market segment such as retail finance and insurance, manufacturing, transportation and warehouse, food services, construction, science and technical, and others.

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