Thursday, May 27, 2010

20 Great Ideas for Blog Posts

20 Great Ideas for Blog Posts

Admit it, at some point in your blogging history, you've run out of ideas, couldn't think of what you wanted to post, or got bored with the same old format of your posts. Well, never fear, we have a solution! Below you'll find 20 ideas for blog content. No matter your subject, some or all of these ideas will help you spice things up and help you get rid of that bit of blogger's block that's been plaguing you.

1. Write a "how to" post. No matter your subject matter, there is a niche where you have learned to be one of the best in your field. Share your knowledge and teach others how to do what you can.

2. Interview people. If you keep a blog about your local town, try to get an interview with a local business owner. If you blog about politics, see if you can get political candidates to answer a few questions. People will love to read the unique answers each person gives.

3. Answer reader questions. Maybe you get lots of questions in the form of comments or maybe you want to allow your readers to ask you questions. Post the answers together as one big post and allow your readers to get to know you more.

4. Make a list. Top 10 lists are great ways to attract readers who don't want to stay for a long time or read a lot. They're also great ways to get people talking about what they'd put in the category.

5. Speedlink. If you found a bunch of articles and posts on other blogs you found interesting that day but don't really feel like elaborating, just list a bunch of links with a quick sentence or two about each one. Not only are you off the hook, but it allows you to cover a lot of topics in a little bit of time.

6. Invite a guest blogger. Do you have a good friend who blogs about the same topics you do? Let them add a post to your blog when you don't have time or don't have anything to say.

7. Create a series. If you have a lot to say on one certain topic, divide it up and post something aspect of it each day. Or you can have a "Quote of the Day" or "Song of the Day," or anything else "... of the day" that requires a daily post.

8. Respond to an opinion. Did you read an op-ed in a major newspaper or see a story on the news that really got under your skin? Take the opportunity to respond on your own blog.

9. Post pictures. Did you recently go on vacation or snap some cute pictures of your child's first birthday? Throw them in the mix when you can't think of anything to write. This is especially a great idea for family-oriented blogs.

10. Tell a story. Whether it's a true story of something that happened to you in the past or something that happened to someone you know, people love a good anecdote that evokes emotion such as humor or sadness. Even if it's just a simple thing that happened to you, a good writer can turn an everyday even into a good story.

11. Poetry & Short Stories. Express your creativity from time to time, you never know what kind of response you'll get.

12. Talk about a current news story. Even if you don't blog about news, there might be something that catches your attention. Maybe you helped in some way after the Nashville floods, and you'd like to tell about it or tell others how they can help.

13. Make a video or audio post. Set your webcam or microphone up and let your thoughts flow!! People will love the change of media.

14. Poll people. Want to know what people think about certain topics? Ask questions and let your readers respond in the comments sections.

15. Give each day a theme. Maybe you write serious stuff but want to change things up on "Fun Friday." One lady I know does "Menu Monday," where she lists her family's meals for the week and encourages healthy eating amongst her readers.

16. Review a book or movie. It can be on or off topic. Maybe you saw the new George Clooney movie and you just had to rave about it or maybe you got a new cookbook and you want to review it on your blog about cooking.

17. Create about "about me" post. If your readers know a lot about you, they're more than likely to stay interested in your posts. Write about yourself or give them some quick "fun facts."

18. Update an old post. Change your mind or find some new information? Just add to it and let everyone know it's an update.

19. Issue a challenge. Tell your readers your goal is to read 100 books in a year or visit every one of the 50 states. Not only does that help with one initial post, but once your task is underway, you can update every time you get a step further.

20. Have a contest. Nothing gets your readers involved more than interactive activities. Have something you'd like to give away? Lots of people give prizes by simply telling people to leave a comment. This will let you know who's out there and how much they're paying attention.

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