Friday, June 11, 2010

20 Tips for Better Blogging

20 Tips for Better Blogging

Want to improve your blogging skills? Here are 20 tips that can help make the blogging experience better for you:

1. Make a post at least once a day. There's nothing worse than a rarely updated blog.

2. Create a biographical page. Most blogs offer an "about me" or profile section that allows your reader to know just who you are.

3. Be honest. Tell anecdotal stories from your life and incorporate your personal thoughts and feelings. "Keep it real" as people say.

4. Post comments on other blogs. I've made many friends through posting comments on blogs and through people posting comments on my blog. Not only could it lead to lifelong friendships, but to links as well.

5. Put your best effort into your content. If your blog is pretty, that's only part of the whole package.

6. That said, you don't want a plain, boring, generic blog design. Create something unique.

7. Add a picture to each post.

8. Add tags to each post.

9. Link people. They might even link you back.

10. Consider podcasts. Making the audio, or even the video version of your blog post can grab lots of attention. How many people have become famous by posting a video of themselves ranting on YouTube?

11. Submit your posts to social websites such as Digg, Reddit, or Stumble Upon. Also, once you have an account on those websites, get active.

12. Participate in memes or any projects involving groups. This will definitely bring you new readers.

13. Try to get interviews with "important people." They are fun to read and are often exclusive content, which leads me to...

14. If you have some unique or exclusive content, make sure bigger bloggers and journalists are aware of it. This could bring you all kinds of attention.

15. Interact with you readers. If someone leaves a comment, respond and engage them. Ask readers how you can improve your blog.

16. Write about what you love. If you're writing about politics but you'd rather be writing about gardening, change! If you don't love what you're doing, you probably won't be happy.

17. Create bullet point lists. Paragraph after paragraph can get old, so spice things up with different formats.

18. The same old commentary can also get boring. Spice things up with book or movie reviews, top ten lists, and even guest bloggers or reader submissions.

19. Use attention-grabbing titles. Instead of "How to Bake a Cake," say something like, "The Best Cake You Will Ever Eat."

20. Have fun! If your readers can sense you don't want to be blogging, they'll probably decide they don't want to be reading. It's that simple.

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