Tuesday, June 01, 2010

4 Changes Facebook Needs to Make NOW!

4 Changes Facebook Needs to Make NOW!

Facebook may be one of the most popular websites in the world but lately, it's been one of the most scrutinized. Even though over 400 million people use the social networking site, watchdog groups, Congress, and others have been arguing over Facebook's privacy settings and who can see what, over the last few weeks, and it's not doing a whole lot for Facebook's reputation. Even Facebook, itself, admits that it can and will make some changes, but what should it change. Here are five things that should be high priority.

1. Change Chat. When you sign into Facebook, you automatically show up as being available. Wouldn't it make more sense if you signed in and were automatically invisible? If you're signing in to do something such as upload the pictures from your latest vacation, you probably don't want to have a million people jumping on you to chat.

2. Make it easier to delete. Ever tried to delete your account? Good luck figuring out how. After going through three or four tabs and having to state your reasons for leaving, you can do it, but wouldn't it be much easier if there was one general place that allows you to delete?

3. Simplify Privacy Options. Again, if you want to change your privacy settings, it's sort of hard to do. And once you find it, good luck understanding what the options actually mean. On your profile page, there should be a simple button labeled "privacy" and under that, an easier way for you to figure out just what it is you're making (or not making) private.

4. Start out with everything private. As it is, your Facebook profile starts out by assuming you want to share your information with everyone. Most websites don't have the audacity to make this assumption and start you out with the most private of settings. Facebook should definitely take note and they'd probably have a lot less problems.

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