Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Pro Accounts for StumbleUpon Set to Launch Early Next Year

The beginning of next year marks a big change for the social media site StumbleUpon as businesses, publications and brands will be able to join the site as "Pro" users. A "Pro" user will be able to tailor their own content as well as suggested content in order to reach a broader audience.

Founder and CEO of StumbleUpon, Garrett Camp, Director of Communications Mike Mayzel and Senior Product Manager Jeff Eddings, the people who make up StumbleUpon, recently discussed the new Pro user project, duly named "StumbleUpon Pro", at Mashable.

The whole basis of StumbleUpon Pro is that businesses and publications will be able to sign up for the discovery service with a status from a regular user to a paid content provider. Essentially, a Pro account would work the same way a verified account on Twitter does. It would give the publication, company or business a level of legitimacy and authority that will entice regular StumbleUpon users to follow it.

Now accounts like this will not contain only a stream of a company's own content like some type of spamming creature, that would just be ridiculous. However, that content would more likely be more effective at reaching interested users given the likely boost in following. The StumbleUpon team was a little unsure about how the Pro accounts would be displayed on the site, however.

As of right now it appears that this service will be free. However, businesses and publications can pay to have their content featured more extensively via the existing ad platform that StumbleUpon currently uses. According to Eddings, this move for StumbleUpon aims to answer one very important question: "Who are the people who are here to discover stuff, and who are the people who are here to get discovered?"
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