Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Toyota Thinks Your Tweet is Worth $500

ToyotathonWhen Twitter took off, nobody expected it to be as big as it got. Everybody and their mother tweets, and some people have thousands of followers following their tweets. Even celebrities are tweeting. But is a tweet worth anything financially? Well, according to Toyota, your tweet is worth $500.

According to a recent promotion from Toyota, a tweet from you is worth $500, a mere 1000 times more than Eventbrite is willing to pay you. Confused yet? Well, to make it simple, Toyota is rewarding those of you out there who buy a new Toyota by January 3, 2011 with a $500 debit card if you tweet about your new purchase on Twitter.

There are a few things you must do to qualify, however. In order to be eligible for the debit card, you must sign on to and send in the following tweet through Toyota's application "If I get my new Toyota during Toyotathon, they'll give me $500 just for this Tweet. @Toyota #shareathon." Customers must do this by December 15, 2010, but once they buy their Toyota, they can redeem their $500 debit card on the same page.

Toyota's goal is to get people who may be just remotely interested in buying a Toyota to spread the word about the campaign even if they do not actually end up purchasing a car. However, I think it is safe to say that those who do tweet this will get a little extra attention from Toyota's marketing team in the next couple of weeks.

It does seem very strange that Toyota is willing to reward customers so heavily for such a small task. In response to that, Toyota's National Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager Kimberly Gardiner had this to say, "We wanted to leverage social media to build incremental awareness of our annual Toyotathon sales event. We feel that $500 is a significant enough offer to stimulate consumer interest and generate strong buzz throughout the social space."

Gardiner went on to say that, "Tweets and other Social Media efforts help us create velocity behind an immediate call to action for consumers to take advantage of a program like this with limited duration."

This definitely seems like a good way to spread the word about Toyota's sale as well as a great way to move somebody from thinking about buying to knowing they are going to buy. If this works out like Toyota hopes, then they will see a nice increase in sales during their Toyotathon sales event.
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Samuel said...

A positive social media coverage can improve the brand image and also improve sales, so if this program paying back Toyota in right direction we could say they are on right track.

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