Wednesday, June 16, 2010

YouTube and Copyrights

Margaret Gould Stewart discusses how YouTube handles copyright issues. Interesting to see that many big time music companies are now finding reasons to accept videos with their copyright music without approval first hand. Yes there is an option for copyright owners to pass judgement and approve some instances of the material being uploaded to YouTube.

An excellent video that causes one to ask more questions about what is acceptable and what is not regarding infringing on copyright owners. Good news, if its not accepted, you will know. Amazing technology they have to detect copyrighted music.

Friday, June 11, 2010

20 Tips for Better Blogging

20 Tips for Better Blogging

Want to improve your blogging skills? Here are 20 tips that can help make the blogging experience better for you:

1. Make a post at least once a day. There's nothing worse than a rarely updated blog.

2. Create a biographical page. Most blogs offer an "about me" or profile section that allows your reader to know just who you are.

3. Be honest. Tell anecdotal stories from your life and incorporate your personal thoughts and feelings. "Keep it real" as people say.

4. Post comments on other blogs. I've made many friends through posting comments on blogs and through people posting comments on my blog. Not only could it lead to lifelong friendships, but to links as well.

5. Put your best effort into your content. If your blog is pretty, that's only part of the whole package.

6. That said, you don't want a plain, boring, generic blog design. Create something unique.

7. Add a picture to each post.

8. Add tags to each post.

9. Link people. They might even link you back.

10. Consider podcasts. Making the audio, or even the video version of your blog post can grab lots of attention. How many people have become famous by posting a video of themselves ranting on YouTube?

11. Submit your posts to social websites such as Digg, Reddit, or Stumble Upon. Also, once you have an account on those websites, get active.

12. Participate in memes or any projects involving groups. This will definitely bring you new readers.

13. Try to get interviews with "important people." They are fun to read and are often exclusive content, which leads me to...

14. If you have some unique or exclusive content, make sure bigger bloggers and journalists are aware of it. This could bring you all kinds of attention.

15. Interact with you readers. If someone leaves a comment, respond and engage them. Ask readers how you can improve your blog.

16. Write about what you love. If you're writing about politics but you'd rather be writing about gardening, change! If you don't love what you're doing, you probably won't be happy.

17. Create bullet point lists. Paragraph after paragraph can get old, so spice things up with different formats.

18. The same old commentary can also get boring. Spice things up with book or movie reviews, top ten lists, and even guest bloggers or reader submissions.

19. Use attention-grabbing titles. Instead of "How to Bake a Cake," say something like, "The Best Cake You Will Ever Eat."

20. Have fun! If your readers can sense you don't want to be blogging, they'll probably decide they don't want to be reading. It's that simple.

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Sunday, June 06, 2010

3 Ways to Use Twitter to Promote Your Business

3 Ways to Use Twitter to Promote Your Business

Making sense of Twitter isn't always for the faint of heart. I've been using it for over a year and a half now and admittedly, I'm still learning. But if you own a business, it a great way to find new customers. The social networking site, which already has 100 million users, is growing. But how do you do it? Here are five sure-fire ways your company can use Twitter to its advantage.

1. Twitter conversations are mostly public and anyone can access them. Want to see if people are talking about you? Do a search for your company name. Larger companies such as Comcast and Dell take advantage of this. Anytime I've complained about my computer or my cable/internet service, an employee from either company has responded to me within a few hours and sometimes within a few minutes. You can also look for sales leads. Search for people who are looking for what you're selling and let them know you have it available.

2. Answer questions from your customers. If your business has a Twitter account, you can use it as quick, direct line between yourself and your customers when they have a question. If customers know your Twitter account is there and active, they will send questions and comments your way. As a matter of fact, today I went to the Chick-Fil-A drive thru for lunch and when I returned home, I realized the croutons were missing from my salad. Not to be picky, but that's one reason I love their salads. I happened to be tweeting with some friends at the time, and you better believe I made a tweet that said, "My salad didn't come with croutons @chickfila." I didn't get a response, nor do I expect a bag of croutons to arrive in the mail, but sometimes, companies can and should take advantage of this kind of interaction.

3. Have fun and don't be boring. Again, interaction is key. If you simply tweet about your business all day, then you probably aren't grabbing anyone's attention. Ask questions, respond to those you follow, retweet, and build relationships. Post things you find interesting and make sure your posts are interesting, too.

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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

4 Changes Facebook Needs to Make NOW!

4 Changes Facebook Needs to Make NOW!

Facebook may be one of the most popular websites in the world but lately, it's been one of the most scrutinized. Even though over 400 million people use the social networking site, watchdog groups, Congress, and others have been arguing over Facebook's privacy settings and who can see what, over the last few weeks, and it's not doing a whole lot for Facebook's reputation. Even Facebook, itself, admits that it can and will make some changes, but what should it change. Here are five things that should be high priority.

1. Change Chat. When you sign into Facebook, you automatically show up as being available. Wouldn't it make more sense if you signed in and were automatically invisible? If you're signing in to do something such as upload the pictures from your latest vacation, you probably don't want to have a million people jumping on you to chat.

2. Make it easier to delete. Ever tried to delete your account? Good luck figuring out how. After going through three or four tabs and having to state your reasons for leaving, you can do it, but wouldn't it be much easier if there was one general place that allows you to delete?

3. Simplify Privacy Options. Again, if you want to change your privacy settings, it's sort of hard to do. And once you find it, good luck understanding what the options actually mean. On your profile page, there should be a simple button labeled "privacy" and under that, an easier way for you to figure out just what it is you're making (or not making) private.

4. Start out with everything private. As it is, your Facebook profile starts out by assuming you want to share your information with everyone. Most websites don't have the audacity to make this assumption and start you out with the most private of settings. Facebook should definitely take note and they'd probably have a lot less problems.

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