Thursday, May 05, 2011

Social Media Etiquette?

Social Media EtiquetteSo apparently everything has its own form of etiquette these days including social media. It appears that not everybody knows how to interact in social media and it is affecting some businesses and companies that are looking for potential customers. People are snubbing potential contacts and are missing the bullseye because they are unaware of the basics of social media etiquette.

Despite the fact that most social media users hop online and divulge their entire lives to the viewing public, there are still a few basic rules that you should follow if you are attempting to make anything of your social media experience.

First off, there is friending. If you are using Facebook, then you will notice that there is a natural buffer, for most people, between you and another person. If you want full access to a person's pictures, information, updates, etc., you will have to become friends with that person. Now the term "friend" in the online world does not mean the same thing is does in the real world. In online terms a friend is the same as a friend, buddy, acquaintance, family member, classmate or even your old third grade teacher. The good news is that you are able to turn down a person's friend request without them seeing it so don't worry about that.

The next thing is following. This applies more to Twitter folk. Now nobody is saying that getting friends on Twitter is easy because gathering a strong following, unless you are a celebrity, famous sports player or big shot company, is tough. Twitter is interesting because you can have a different number of followers which is different from the people you are following. Just because I may be following the tweets of Gilbert Gottfried does not mean that he is following mine. However, it is apparently quite rude to not follow somebody who takes time out of their precious schedule to follow you. You should at least send them a private message saying thank you for their following.

The last element is commenting. If you are a blogger, then a comment is proof of your success as a blogger. If a person comments on something that you write, that means they were interested enough to read the entire blog post and enjoyed your post enough to say something about it. The best way to attract attention to your blog is to update it at least once or twice a week. If you only update every few months, you might as well not even have a blog at all. It is also good etiquette to respond to a person's comment as well. Let them know you care about what they have to say.

These are only a few things you can do to make sure you have good social media etiquette but these principles do apply elsewhere too. Social media can be great for your business or it could make you appear boring, mundane and push people away. Always make an effort to interact and you should do fine.

Source: Roswell Patch - What To Do Social Media Etiquette

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