Thursday, May 19, 2011

WordPress Officially Ends Support for Internet Explorer 6

Death to Internet Explorer 6Internet Explorer 6, which is probably the most widely used internet browser ever, is about to be shut off completely. This is not anything new, however. People have known this day was coming for some time but another big name web service is ending their support for IE 6,

According to WordPress, their reason for shutting down support for Internet Explorer 6 is due to "increasingly complex code trickery to make the WordPress dashboard work." The WordPress dashboard will still load for any users still using Internet Explorer 6, it just won't work very well.

Users of IE 6 will be alerted that their internet browser is outdated and will also be given direct links to browser updates or links to download alternative browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

In addition to dropping support for Internet Explorer 6, WordPress has also unleashed some new features to its site which include a revamped and redesigned dashboard as well as a new "distraction-free" writing mode.

These new features, along with the ending of IE 6 support, will hit the self-hosted WordPress installs with WordPress 3.2. The beta version of WordPress 3.2 is currently available for download with the final version expected to be available sometime in June., which is one of the biggest website hosting services on the internet, is just another addition to the already long list of providers that have officially cut ties with Internet Explorer 6 for good. Back in March, Microsoft launched its very own global campaign calling for the demise of IE 6 and it looks like that day is quickly approaching.

Source: Mashable - Drops Support for IE 6

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