Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Maximize Your Blogging Efforts with Linkedin

LinkedinIf you are a blogger like me, then you know the value of getting your posts out to the public. I mean, what good is a blogger if nobody reads your blog? Over the past few years since blogging has really started to catch on, there have been a number of sites designed to help you get your blogs read and to connect with other bloggers and other people with similar interests to what you are blogging about. One such site is Linkedin.

In the past couple of years, Linkedin has taken its site and added a lot of really cool and free features that are designed to help you maximize your efforts online as a blogger. Linkedin has a ton of different features that are sure to make your blogging efforts easier and more fruitful. Here are just a few activities that Linkedin has available to help you.

Ability to Make Friends - Linkedin allows you to immediately start connecting with friends, coworkers and fellow groupies. Think of the site as a mini-directory. The more people you connect with on the site, the bigger your blogging network will become.

Join Groups - Linkedin is free to join and limits you to being a part of 50 different groups and if you want the most out of the site, it may serve you well to take advantage of all 50. Try to join groups that are key to your core market and that cover topics similar to what you blog about. The best thing is that you can also join and leave groups whenever you want to.

Share Your Content - If you are going to post on Linkedin, make sure you are posting relevant and current content that links back to your blog. Make the discussions you post in groups relevant and make sure your comments on other posts are the same. You can also get into RSS and have things posted automatically if you wish.

Enjoy Your Self - Linkedin is free and easy and is a great way to promote your blog posts while building a network at the same time. You can share as much as you want but do try not to overpost. Posting too much looks spammy and is off-putting to most readers.

Follow these tips and your initial jump into Linkedin will be a smooth one. Once you're in and you start to feel comfortable, you can start to investigate all the other features and services the site provides. I happen to use Linkedin every day for my blog posts and it is one of the best ways to get your content out to the public.

Source: Social Media Today - Keep It Real: How to Use Linkedin to Maximize your Blogging ROI

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LinkedIn is an excellent social media tool. Over the past few years, social media has jumped to the forefront of the marketing world.

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