Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Are You Cancelling Your Netflix Account? I Am!

Netflix announced on Tuesday, July 12 that they will no longer be offering unlimited Netflix streaming for free with their DVD rental plans. They are also introducing new pricing plans that have customers in an uproar.

Netflix has decided to introduce plans that allow users to choose to separate their DVD rentals from the Watch Instantly streaming. As of today, new Netflix members can get unlimited streaming or unlimited DVDs one at a time for $7.99. If customers want both unlimited streaming and unlimited DVDs one at a time, they will be shelling out $15.98. Just yesterday this exact same plan only cost $9.99.

There are plenty of other plans that Netflix is now offering with its new spiked prices as well. Unlimited streaming plus two DVDs out at a time is $19.98 per month, unlimited streaming with three DVDs is $23.98 and streaming with four DVDs is now $29.98 per month. If you aren’t interested in the instant streaming, there is also an option to only rent two DVDs at a time without streaming for $11.99 per month.

Customers are outraged by the huge jump in Netflix’s prices. Protests are breaking out across social media networks. Threats of cancelled subscriptions and switching to Blockbuster’s DVD mailing rental services are being hurled across the web. The company is getting rammed for a 60 percent price hike, but doesn’t it seem reasonable for customers to be upset about something so outrageously ridiculous?

The announcement about the new rental plans was posted on the company’s Facebook page a mere ten hours ago, and in that time close to 19,000 people have expressed their at times brightly colored opinions about the company.

Here is just a snippet of what customers are saying:

“60% increase in price -- but, no positive change in service?? Insane!”

“Wow... I've been a member since 2003. When I got the email, my first thought was CANCEL. Yep, canceling.”

“Bye Bye Netflix! I will find another way to spend my money, rather than pay your price increases for decreased service.”

“Good news! I just saved a bunch of money by canceling my account.”

“Netflix just saved Blockbuster from bankruptcy.”

Netflix’s Facebook page has gotten plenty of “likes” today. That may seem like it doesn’t fit with all of the protests against the company. Well, see, the issue is that to comment on the Netflix page, you must first “like” the company. I went right ahead and liked the company so that I could get a few words in myself. Many people claim that Netflix has deleted their comments about the new plan, but even with the alleged deletes, anyone can see that customers are clearly not happy.

Facebook users are also going as far as creating new anti-Netflix community pages with group names such as “Cancel Netflix,” “I Unlike Netflix Today” and “I used to love Netflix until they decided to rip me off.” Many of the pages are encouraging users to join in the mass cancellation day on September 1. This is the day that the new rental plan changes take place for people who were members before the announcement.

Facebook is not the only site that is blowing up with disgust for Netflix. Twitter is being bombarded with “Dear Netflix” tweets highlighting users rage over the recent changes.

Users are saying that it is impossible to get through on the phone to talk to a Netflix customer service representative due to the overflow of enraged callers expressing their opinions about the announcement today.

Clearly Netflix has a huge problem on their hands. They will be losing plenty of customers over a stunt like this. It’s sad because I used to like Netflix so much. It was so convenient for me, but now I am forced to look elsewhere. Blockbuster, here I come!

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Katie Sellers said...

Just in case anyone was curious...the number of comments is over 33,000 now, only 22 hours after Netflix posted the status! Wow!!

Anonymous said...

I just hope the majority of netflix customers cancel. They will be given a choice then. Raise rates and lose money, or keep rates and make some money. They want to stay around so it's obvious what they will do.
And if not, they can all burn in hell.