Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Facebook or Google+: What Will You Choose?

Social media users cannot ignore the newest direct competition to Facebook, Google+. You cannot help but look at the two platforms side by side and compare to see which would best serve your needs. There are quirks about Facebook that some people get extremely frustrated about…does Google+ solve that frustration? The two companies obviously are not the best of friends, but will one put the other out of business, or will they both coexist in peace? I believe that it all depends on how they cater to their users' needs.

Although it is still early in the game, so far, Google+ has been very well received by the social media world. Just last week, Google CEO Larry Page announced that Google+ already had 10 million users that were sharing more than a billion items on the site per day. Paul Allen, the founder of, estimated that the number of users had risen to 18 million this week, and ComScore confirmed on Friday, July 22 that the number had risen to more than 20 million users.

However, is this enough progress to pose any kind of serious threat to Facebook, the reigning social media giant? Facebook has seven years, 750 million users and an Oscar-nominated film on Google+. Although recently, Facebook has been dealing with low customer satisfaction and some privacy issues, Google+ has a lot of catching up to do if they want to play with the big boys.

So, have you joined Google+ yet? Have you been able to capture a highly coveted invitation to the newest social media platform yet? Right now, the site seems to be utilized by tech folks and early adopters, but it really is growing. Numbers definitely got a nice little boost when Apple released the Google+ iOS app into the App Store. It quickly became the number one downloaded free app.

So, as more social networking sites pop up, ask yourself the question: do you really have time for yet another social network? I mean we already have Facebook and Twitter to waste plenty of our time, do we have room for another site? Do you think that users could possibly dump their Facebook account and give Google+ a try? Will some people use both? I truly do not know. All I know is, it's going to take one heck of a site to beat out Facebook!

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